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Artist Young Kam Drops 'War Ready'

Hey Kamal! So, tell us some more about how you started your music journey?

I first got into music when I was watching my older brother mess around with FL studios.

I was only 5 years old at the time.

He would sit at the computer and try to figure out how to make beats.

My older brother he is an artist himself, so I always looked up to him.

So, I started writing down my own raps and I would show him.

He would tell me to keep working on my writing.

Then, when I turned about eight years old, I went to a YMCA and they had an audio productions class and the guys in the course showed us how to flow and actually create a song.

It just stuck with me.

As I got older, I took rapping more seriously; especially when people would tell me that I'm pretty good and I’m gonna go far if I keep going.

You're an awesome songwriter. What would you say your creative process looks like when it comes to writing songs?

When it comes to writing a song, I put a lot of my emotions into the writing process.

Whenever I’m feeling a certain way, I'd write it down on a some paper or if I’m going through something I'd express myself through the mic.

I used to be an anti-social person, so I always wrote how I felt because I didn’t know how to talk to people.

Each song that I would make would be something I went through in life or a easier way to express how I was feeling at that time.

What would you say to any aspiring artists who look up to your work?

Stay dedicated and determined moving towards your dreams.

Don’t let anybody else in this world tell you otherwise.

Eliminate the negativity; even though times get hard, always keep a positive mindset and those who ever doubted you will crumble in the dust as you leave them behind.

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?

I just dropped a new song, "War Ready" with the music video on the way.

The videos going to be totally different and action packed.

This year, I plan on trying to drop a song and a music video each month to stay consistent.

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