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Tell us some more about how you first got into music.

BigMoShawty -

Coming from a place in Henderson, NC where there wasn’t much to do as kid but go outside and make the best of it.

All I saw was the older crowd doing what they do.

Selling dope, fighting, drinking, you know the usual activities in the projects.

Living under those circumstances as a kid, you tend to think it’s the best way to live.

I actually had more good times growing up in CedarHurst.

That’s the name of the place that made me.

Music always been a part of me.

I never took it serious though.

I would just play around with it.

Like, writing down the lyrics to a song and studying it until I knew the words.

I would perform in my room in front of a mirror.

Around the age 17, I started taking it more serious; writing music on my own and making my own beats.

Me and a few partners of mine use to stand under the street lights at night and rap.

I wanted to follow in the footsteps of my family Small World, Brolic D aka Poppa Bandz, and Perfect Harmany.

They go by the name of NorfClk.

At that time they had a record deal with Ludacris's label DTP.

I always felt that one day I would be somebody in the music industry.

Don’t know where I’ll end up but I know it will be somewhere.

Visionz2Turnt -

I started making music because its soothing and calmed me down as a kid.

It gave me a gateway away from the violence and the crimes I seen everyday growing up in Washington, DC.

I started off writing poetry and then freestyling in the hallways at school before I was able to write a full song.

I don’t have a creative process like most artist do.

I write my lyrics, but it’s a new process called freewrite.

It sounds crazy but I freestyle and write it down as I freestyle so I don’t forget it.

When I hear a beat I immediately write a verse in less than 5 minutes full 16 bars.

I let the music resonate with my crowd so they no there’s no kap in my rap and everything I say is either from experience while in the streets or from family or friends.

I got older and kept trying to perfect it.

I really made my mark when I joined the army to stay out the street life and make a better life for my family.

The first place they put me was in Hawaii; I was able to do multiple shows on weekends and continue get my name out more but back then I went under the name Visionz.

What was the creative process behind making "Bus Down"?

BigMoShawty -

There wasn’t really a process of making “Buss Down.”

When I was in Tennessee with Visionz2Turnt, that’s when I first heard the beat.

That beat had so much bounce to it, I couldn’t resist of creating something to it.

When I got back to NC, I went straight to the studio and got in my zone to create.

I knew I wanted to give the fans something fresh to bounce to, give the strippers something to shake too, and the give the d-boys something to hit they dance too.

I didn’t even write that song literally, as most artists do now a days.

I just went in the booth, sat there and created until my part was complete.

I had a feeling at the end of that song, it was gonna be something special.

Then Visionz2turnt laced his part and magic happened after that.

Visionz2Turnt -

Like Bigmoshawty said, he put the hook on it and said kill it and I went straight in.

Writing songs come to me like fast like I stated before.

Every time big bro got an idea, I run wit it and it always turn out to be a hit.

We make music for everybody to resonate with not just one genre or one person.

We hitting all genres with this music.

You never know what we got up our sleeve.

You two are making waves! What would you say to artists who look up to your work?

BigMoShawty -

Anybody looking up to my work, take note.

Always allow your mind be creative.

Work hard at your craft.

Giving up is not an option.

Let the music express your emotions.

At the end of it, fall in love with your creativity.

Visionz2Turnt -

To add onto what big bro said, as an artist you're going doubt yourself.

You'll think you can’t make it, go broke, struggle, but in the end its all worth it because your music not only excites people but can help save a life.

I say this because you never know who your audience is who what they going through, so that song you wrote when you was hurt, down or depressed could be the key to someone going through the same thing.

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?

BigMoShawty -

Me and my brother Visionz2Turnt have an EP entitled “StreetVisionz” that’s gonna be dropping soon.

We have a video that’s dropping early part of next month and a few other things brewing for next year.

We on top of our business and just preparing ourselves to make some noise our way.

I have some solo music coming out also.

I’m working with my long time personal producer Kell Vicious right now.

We got some good things going on.

He is one the best producers in the game right now.

So, anytime we create something, it’s always special.

Visionz2Turnt -

"Enough said,” the rest is going be a surprise.

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