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Tell us some more about how you first got into music.

BigMoShawty -

Coming from a place in Henderson, NC where there wasn’t much to do as kid but go outside and make the best of it.

All I saw was the older crowd doing what they do.

Selling dope, fighting, drinking, you know the usual activities in the projects.

Living under those circumstances as a kid, you tend to think it’s the best way to live.

I actually had more good times growing up in CedarHurst.

That’s the name of the place that made me.

Music always been a part of me.

I never took it serious though.

I would just play around with it.

Like, writing down the lyrics to a song and studying it until I knew the words.

I would perform in my room in front of a mirror.

Around the age 17, I started taking it more serious; writing music on my own and making my own beats.

Me and a few partners of mine use to stand under the street lights at night and rap.

I wanted to follow in the footsteps of my family Small World, Brolic D aka Poppa Bandz, and Perfect Harmany.

They go by the name of NorfClk.

At that time they had a record deal with Ludacris's label DTP.

I always felt that one day I would be somebody in the music industry.

Don’t know where I’ll end up but I know it will be somewhere.

Visionz2Turnt -

I started making music because its soothing and calmed me down as a kid.

It gave me a gateway away from the violence and the crimes I seen everyday growing up in Washington, DC.

I started off writing poetry and then freestyling in the hallways at school before I was able to write a full song.

I don’t have a creative process like most artist do.

I write my lyrics, but it’s a new process called freewrite.

It sounds crazy but I freestyle and write it down as I freestyle so I don’t forget it.

When I hear a beat I immediately write a verse in less than 5 minutes full 16 bars.