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B Karma, tell us some more about how you first got into music?

I really started working last year before I started with the Marine Corps.

I started building my craft and working my way out there while I was on my out to St. Petersberg, Florida.

I made a couple hit songs on SoundCloud with over 50 million plays overall.

“Ken$O” & “Designer” really got me out there to set up myself for the future of my music.

So, I got sent out to Hawaii after gradating ITB at Camp Geiger and Parris Island.

Once I got to Hawaii with 3/3, I started working on my craft even more but I started changing.

I went from trap/rap to more hip hop and pop.

So, I started working on my craft and started figuring out what really makes me an artist.

I figured that I want to appeal to everybody, but also enjoy myself.

I do it because I love it; but I also do it because it’s something that I feel like I need to do.

Either way, making music is a win-win for me.

When I was on deployment, I dropped "Shawty" with Skinnyfromthe9 and that became a success.

Dropping “Shawty,” was pretty dope in the beginning and then it took off within a month.

It did really well on all platforms, people loved it.

That’s what kinda got me started.

When I dropped “Nothing Else Matters” with S7eaze around 2019 it was one of my first songs that I put out that really took off and was doing numbers as well.

What is sort of the backstory behind your new single "Broken" featuring Fetty Wap?

I just wanted to keep building and that’s when I decided to make “Broken” with Fetty Wap.

After I got back from employment, I started talking to a lot of other guys out in L.A.

I started getting contacts out there.

I talked to Shaun Kingston, Lil Mosey, and various other artists that are already out there doing big things as well.

I started getting my foot in the door by figuring out where I fit in and what makes me the best artist I can be.

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?

I’ve been working with Post Malone’s engineer.

Shout out to Scotty Desmarais; he’s a dope ass dude.

I have a lot of unreleased hits to come; more pop/hip-hop.

Thats definitely the genre I wanna be in.

I look forward to taking off in my own career, building relationships, but definitely building myself up and start doing shows.

As soon as I hit LA, I’m getting out of the Marine Corps.

Really soon, I''ll be medical honorable discharged and I will be headed to LA.

I will be doing shows out there, I’m looking forward to a successful, upcoming years as we take on this adventure.

I definitely want to work with tons of artists like Post Malone and work with a few of my guys out there who are on the same page as me in terms of style.

I look forward to doing a lot of cool things real soon.

Bringing everybody together is the key, being successful for my family and my wife; thats all that matters.

My family is #1 and my fans are just like family so you gotta treat everybody just the same.

Overall, I’m blessed.

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