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This is the Banded Beauty Show.

Banded Beauty Show, tell us more about how you all met each other?

Erin and Lauren met at their first comedy class in Los Angeles at Actors Comedy Studio in 2019 and immediately bonded over their Midwest accents and love for the Chicago Cubs.

After collaborating in several classes, they knew they wanted to work together but hadn’t stumbled on the right project just yet.

Meanwhile, Erin introduced Lauren to her sister, Kylie, a director and writer.

Lauren worked on a few of Kylie’s sets.

Quarantine proved to be the catalyst for a project they could all collaborate on. 

What inspired you all to create the Banded Beauty Show?

We created a web series during the pandemic to keep ourselves creative and to give our acting friends an opportunity to perform from their homes during lockdown.

The pandemic may have changed the game for actors and creatives however, we wanted to do all we could to keep pushing and help other actors.

We created a work-from-home comedy during this pandemic because we could all use some laughter to keep our spirits up during these times.

Using our real life experience of transferring our professional, creative, and personal lives into a digital medium within a week gave us the inspiration to continue mining these situations for as much comedy as we could find. 

What would you say separates the Banded Beauty Show from any other web series?

The Banded Beauty show strives to keep the story lines as rooted in real time as possible, responding to the events happening in the world around us.

Even though we are an independent web series, produced by the three of us, we still keep to a production schedule with a weekly release date.

It is a great way to stay motivated while at the same time provides structure and a sense of normalcy during these times.

Each week we feature a guest star and when writing the script we balance the creation of the character with what needs to happen narratively; coinciding with the actor’s strengths and personality that lends itself to the character. 

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?

Watch out for our Season 1 finale airing on June 2nd.

Expect Season 2 later this summer. 

Kylie’s proof of concept, “Kinetic” which she wrote and directed based off of her feature screenplay will make its festival and online debut this summer. 

Erin is currently writing a feature comedy about Irish dancing in which she is trying to rope Lauren and Kylie into helping with it (I think they will say yes :)).

Lauren is currently working on a comedy pilot and will also be trying to rope her favorite writing and production team into it. 

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