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Jessenia's "Love & Madness" Is An Instant Classic


In a small town called Spring Hope, North Carolina is where young, ambitious Jessenia Mills resides.

The singer-songwriter, actress and photographer has been through her own trials and tribulations to get where she is today.

But she understands this is only the beginning for her, and she is super excited to see where her relentless passion for music, acting, and creativity might end up in the next few years.

Talent runs in the Mills family bloodline as singers and dancers, so Jessenia was always surrounded by talent and ambition.

Jessenia attributes much of her inspiration to her amazing family who has helped nurture her into the young talented woman that can be viewed in web series across the internet and horror films in entertainment just this past year.

Jessenia gave us a sneak peek into the life of a creative, as she takes most of the photography for her work herself.

Although a devout creator, she also spends a lot of her time doing other things outside of creating; which she says is something that a lot of people miss or misunderstand.

The hard work comes from doing all the little bits that are attached to creating like posting updates, trademarking, copyrighting, auditioning and practicing.

Early on, Jessenia decided that it was frankly impossible to juggle everything that she had at that time (which was a job, bills and also trying to get signed with a label).

Shortly thereafter, she made the decision to move back in with her parents in an effort to dedicate all of her long-term goals of creating music and acting.

With this level of focus and a new album ‘Love & Madness’ out now, we are so excited to watch on the sidelines as Jessenia Mills helps pave the framework for ambitious creatives all over the world.

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