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Choyce, tell us more about how you got started in music.

Growing up in a musical family is what helped me find my love and passion for music.

I started playing the drums at the age of four and began singing in the children's church choir around the age of six.

Elementary school is when I started music classes and playing in the school band up until junior year of high school.

Throughout my childhood, I went to school for performing arts.

Around sophomore year, was when I wanted to be an artist and producer instead of a drummer so I started going to recording studios with my cousin who taught me how to record and put songs together.

After high school, I went to the University of the Arts to study Composition and Music Business.

Freshman year was when I found my passion for songwriting and that became my stepping stone into becoming an artist. 

What has been some of your most favorite projects/clients you've got to work on/with over the years?

My favorite projects that I’ve got to work on over the years was my first album, "KYLIE", and Suzi’s upcoming album.

And also, working on reference tracks for various artists such as Chris Brown, Tory Lanez, Rihanna, and working on a song with Eric Bellinger.  

You are truly a jack of all trades! What would you say to aspiring artists who look up to your success?

What I would say to aspiring artists is build relationships because networking is so important, but to maintaining a relationship is stronger.

I would also say that consistency and timing is everything, hone your craft and apply yourself through researching on how to build your brand and market yourself.

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?


I have new songs coming one of which is featuring LA’s very own rapper, AD on my single called, "Main Chick".

I'm also dropping a single called “Bruce Wayne”.

My next album will be "KYLIE 2".

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