Breakthrough Artist (February 2021): Azazus

Azazuz, tell us a little more about how you first got into music!

My father was a traveling gospel musician, so I grew up around some form of music!

My sister was big into poetry and hip hop.

She introduced me to the world of rap.

During middle school, I acted as a hype man during a record label audition.

I enjoyed the experience and pursued my own musical career.

My career exploded when I transitioned to florida after high school.

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You have a giant influence across TikTok! Tell us a little more about how your music went viral on TikTok!

My music went viral on tiktok from my promotion of my popular single "Onlyfans" with encouraged sex workers worldwide to get their hustle on.

Women felt comfortable using it because the song was helping bring money to their table.

Shortly after, I had other songs [Reaper, Issa Crit, Patty cake or pat a cake] get popular on tiktok.