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Breakthrough Artist (February 2021): Symphonic

Symphonic, tell us a little more about how you first got into music?


My very first love in my life.


I’ve been into music as a listener & student since I’ve been born it feels like.

Watching BET and MTV.

Seeing those Aaliyah videos, those Missy Elliott videos, those Lil’ Kim videos, etc.

Watching these glamorous stars at these awards shows.

Wishing I could be inside of TV with them.

I remember listening to WJLB back in my hometown of Detroit, 3, 4, and 5 years old.

My love and passion for music has always been there.

I’ve been rapping since the ancient year of 2010 (lol) when I was sophomore in high school.

I remember writing my first lyrics down in a busted up composition notebook in one of those classes I never paid attention to haha.

However, I’ve been fully committed to the craft and my brand since 2017 and have been making upwards motion since.

What does your creative process look like when it comes to writing songs?

My creative process is quite simple, actually.

I find beats that speak to me and the emotion I’m feeling in that moment and the lyrics & melody just flow out like water once I’m connected.

I am an artist that needs to be moved by the instrumentation.

I need to see me performing the song as I’m creating it.

I do write every single thing I put on record.

Kudos to the artists that can freestyle/punch rap though!

I’ve done maybe two or three freestyles out of the thousands of songs I’ve recorded over the years.

Speaking of recording, I’ve been recording myself for the same amount of time that I’ve been rapping, so 90% of my discography has been engineered by me, starting with my bedroom in my moms house and upwards into my own apartment with my own setup like now.

What would you say to any aspiring artists who look up to your work?

If there are any aspiring artists that look up to me, firstly, I would need to get over the shock about that.

I still have the mentality that I did when I first started rapping and would never let anyone hear it.

When people tell me they like a record, a performance or whatever it is I’m doing, it’s still a foreign idea to me that takes processing!

Nevertheless, my advice to them would be to be persistent, be consistent, be solid and be yourself.

In this day and age it’s easy to fall victim to your insecurities and flaws in the social media driven world.

As long as you know yourself and why it is you do what you do, none of the negativity from others and even yourself will matter.

You’ve got this!

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?

I sure the hell do!

My current single “How Much You Wanna Bet?” is heating up the streets and the music video shall be out soon for that!

I’m also planning on releasing a follow-up single within the next month or two as well.

This is all for my upcoming second independent album, following up ‘Intention’, which was my debut album released last summer.

I’m always looking and available for shows so I just might be demolishing a stage near you, masked up and safe of course.

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