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Lucky, tell us a little more about how you got into music!

I have been doing music since my early childhood and it’s something I grew very fond of at a young age.

I recorded a demo with music producer Matthew Teezy White with Baker Boyz Entertainment and would then go on to travel and perform at talent shows all over.

I was discovered by music producer Rufus Blaq and Eddie Timmons aka Shyboogs;that's when I recorded my 1st Ep.

Ever since then, I have been traveling and working on films and tv shows.

One of the films that I've worked on was Furious7.

I was also discovered by another music producer, Eric Parham aka 88fingaz in Atlanta GA who really helped me bring my music to life and vibe in the Hip Hop scene with whom I recored some my 2nd Ep with.

Meanwhile, after working in the studio with Eric Parham I was then signed to an Independent Record Label: Blessings Entertainment LLC. under Executive Producer Aziz Choukri.

I then recorded my single with the hit music video "Party Life" all while recording my 2nd EP.

Once my 2nd Ep was finish I released “Party life”and “Idolize Me” on radio.

“Idolize me” hit billboard Top40 number #36 for 6 weeks produced by Eddie Timmons a.k.a Shyboogs

Party Life hit top #50 number #28 Produced by Eric Parham aka 88fingaz.

I also have a new single entitled “Build Me Up”featuring Farrah Frankin, former member of Destiny’s Child and produced by Eric Parham aka 88fingaz.

Another single you can expect to see is “Amor Precioso." (with a Spanish vibe produced by Eddie Timmons aka Shyboogs).

You truly are a jack of all trades; Tell us some more about how you got into acting!

Well, I did drama in high school and in middle school I had a setback earlier on in my music career when my manager passed away.

I didn’t know which route to go.

So, after seeing a casting call for a music video for MTV, I sent in my submission and I got accepted to act in it.

One of the directors on the set asked me if I had any training.

I explained that I’m an entertainer and musician; he gave me a business card.

After that, I audition for his agent (sing and perform a monologue cold read) and she signed me.

I fell in love with acting; it truly gives me a way to express myself and become a character all while escaping reality.