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Luke, tell us a little more about how you got into music!

I got into music at the age of 4.

I spent a lot of time with my godfather as a kid and he was a musician so I definitely took a lot from him.

My first time drumming was in his church so I definitely had an ear for music at a young age.

As a kid, I listened to countless records of some of my favorite artists.

A lot of learning and just thinking "wow I feel like I could do that too."

So, it wasn’t too long till I picked up a mic or jumped up and started dancing.

I didn’t really start making music until I got out of the church and started doing musical theatre though.

So around 15-16 years old I was able to express myself like that was definitely very liberating for me.

You are such a talented multi-instrumentalist! Tell us more about the instruments you've learned to play.

I can play over 5 now.

Guitar, Piano, Drums, Bass, Ukulele etc.

With drums being the first I learned, I just was hooked with the music bug and picked up a guitar, then the rest followed.

I just loose track of time when an instrument is in my hands or whether i’m producing, recording or writing.

What would you say to aspiring artists who look up to your music?

Definitely to just keep going, and always try to do what you love.

Don’t listen to what anybody says about you because you're the only one who knows what you can do!

Just do you!

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?

My debut album “11th Street” just came out on November 11th, 2020, so go check it out.

I also have some music videos on the way and live performances, so stay tuned!

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