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Updated: Jun 21, 2020

This is Kxmikaze & Tino Goku.

What does your new single "Como Mueve" mean to you?

Tino GoKu -

“Como Mueve” means a lot to me, not only is it my first professionally made music video and reggaeton song.

It feels good to be apart of something with such a vibe that all of my Hispanics and Latinos can tune into and enjoy.

It’s just such a powerful step considering the fact that THIS is the beginning of something new.

You can definitely look forward to what’s next with me and Kxmikaze.

Kxmikaze -

“Como Mueve” is another proud moment for myself and for those who helped me with the process of getting everything right so this release could be something that all of my fans, supporters and new people would love.

It feels good to finally show the world a new side of me, physically and verbally.

It feels good to see so many people from the Latino community enjoy what I’ve put out for them.

What “Como Mueve” means to me is just the start of something new and amazing, to be a part of the new wave of Reggaeton and have my originality within it means a lot to me.

I hope many people come to find themselves enjoying this new music video and song.


Artists always talk about how important it is working with the right videographers for videos. Whats it like working with WavyLord?

Working with Wavylord has been nothing but a blessing.

Such a great, loving, professional guy.

Wavy really helps artists such as myself bring the vision into real life.

He keeps it real and pushes for what he believes in, when something is needed he’ll go out of his way to make sure it done whether it’s business or not, just such a great human being overall.

I’d say he’s definitely one of the best videographers I’ve worked with and one of the hardest videographers out of Florida.

Same way you should keep your eyes on me, you should definitely keep a look out for Wavy.

And I’m gonna say this.. in the most humblest way possible, we’ll be taking over the game for sure.

When can we expect another single from Kxmikaze?

My new single, “Tu Corazón” will be dropping in July.

Another Reggaeton love song from me.

It’s been highly anticipated and many people have been asking me for it.

It’s been wild since I dropped a snippet of it on most of my social media.

I’ve been to a couple gatherings and have heard people sing me the song.

They really memorized the words straight from the 40 second snippet and it feels good to finally drop it this month along with the music video as well.

The music video was shot by Wavylord and I really think everybody that tunes in will fall in love with this new body of work from us.

“Tu Corazón” music video dropping July 2020!

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