Nick, tell us some more about how you first got into music.

It all started for me at a very young age, I've always had a strong love and passion for music.

When I would be riding in the car with my dad as a kid, we would always be listening to music.

Thank God he had a great ear for music and brought me up over the years with such incredible songs and artists as the soundtrack of my life.

My favorite class in school was always creative writing, that's when I knew I had the ability to come up with stories on the spot and I loved the whole process, and I still love doing it to this day.

When I was eleven years old, I started to DJ in a friends basement, writing and recording my own stuff came soon after.

What was the creative process behind your newest album "VII"?

As far as the creative process behind my latest album, "VII" goes, it all happened very organically.

It's my seventh album, I'm from the 707, it has seven songs, I released it 7.7 and seven has always been my favorite number.

During the recording process all of these things just came together on their own.

I've been seeing so many 7's this entire year, it's a trip!