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Villiami, tell us a little more about your newest album "Early Bird"

Well, I named it Early Bird because this specific project is a compilation of some new joints, and also some old songs I have had sitting in the vault for awhile.

The title represents my focus and realizing time is of the essence.

It represents me taking myself seriously and separating myself as an artist from the habit of sitting on too many songs and content and letting it collect dust.

That mentality in itself I believe continues to set me apart from a lot of artists.

I like to think of it as an inspiring piece of work; the kick in the ass we all need from time to time.

Another aspect this project focuses on is the " Underdog " mentality.

This is me acknowledging that I am one out of a few underrated artists coming out of Orange County but not complaining about it; more embracing it and using it to drive me instead of slow me down.

This project also serves as motivation for artists and showing them the process of how to promote themselves through a tape.

All the behind the scenes work and money spent investing in yourself can prove to be harder than any regular day to day job.

However if your hustle is just as relentless as mine is, you should be just fine.

Most of these songs are either cuts that did not make my recent EP " The Heights " or songs that I had for the follow up " The Heights " Part 2 but ended up not making the cut.

Truthfully speaking, I believe Early Bird also captures that energy of when you would hear an upcoming artist on a random mixtape killing a bunch of beats and covers/ features etc.

The energy and the hunger is the vibe.

This is my best tape since SouthPaw in 2014.

What are some of your favorite tracks on Early Bird and why (backstory)?


I wish I could pick one or two but really all these songs mean something special to me.

Each song represents a different time where I maybe felt or witnessed all odds stacked against me.

These are stories of when a man finds the hardest fight he has to fight is against his own thoughts.

They represent the aftermath of me going through all that and being happy with the final result.

Early bird is all about the Growth.


The intro EARLY BIRD is me taking a lot of my different experiences and literally using music to vent them out and communicate them in a way that I can only describe as " Triumph."

I have been through all of this and music is my outlet.

I'm basically thanking music for giving me some wise up.

Music has allowed me to shine as well as allowed me to approach a lot of things in my life differently.

If someone were to ask my advice on this path I have chosen?

Early Bird would be the gem I drop on them.