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Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Swattrex, tell us more about how you got into music?

Swattrex (Swatej Agrawal) is a 22 year old music producer and DJ from Delhi, India.

He has released over 55 tracks and crossed over 21 million streams independently across all music platforms.

His new album, "THE PARADOX " is already out now on all music platforms.

In 2015 , he dropped out for one year to prepare for IIT JEE Coaching. In that year, he started listening to Avicii and Tiesto's songs.

He got to know more about EDM, so started exploring genres in EDM.

He got so inspired by major EDM artists and began to search about how to make music on laptops. 

In 2016, he did not pass the JEE exam so he wasn't able to get into a good engineering college.

That phase of his life was very depressing. He then he decided to do engineering from IP University and to search about his real interest from there on.

To deal with depression, he started exploring different creative works like art, design, sports, and music.

Then in the first year of his BTECH graduation, Swattrex started learning music from youtube, and he started making music on his laptop using Fl studio in his bedroom.

He learned full music production via YouTube. YouTube has played a major role as his mentor in his music career.

He learned sound design, music theory, and everything else in music from youtube and blogs.


He has collaborated with many artists across India and also including some international artists like Junior Paes, etc.

In 2018, he gained a lot of attention when he made a remix of "Marshmallow - Happier", which

crossed around 100k+ streams on SoundCloud in a week.

After that, his song, "So High ft. Junior Paes" got featured in Korea's major music platforms such as Olleh, Mnet, Bugs, Soribada, etc.

In 2019 , Swattrex started performing in clubs and music festivals all over India.

Also in that year, he crossed 300k+ subscribers on youtube and over 20 million+ streams in total.

Still, he is learning so many things from the internet, and is trying to go beyond his extreme capabilities.

He is still working around 10-15 hours everyday on his music. He is trying to make his art better and better everyday just by trying and polishing his skills.

He is just a normal guy making music in his bedroom.

Swattrex recently launched his new song, "Portal" which was released via F High Entertainment.

The song official video is produced by Ayush Sabat and VFX is done by "Engineering Graphics VFX (Sudhir Kumar). "Portal" is a heavy bass mid tempo music which contains crazy addictive vibes that are trippy as hell. 

Swattrex is also releasing a new track called, "Encore" coming in August 2020. "Encore" will be another hard hitting rave music which will hit huge music festivals around India soon.


For 2020, Swattrex is working on his new upcoming album which will include many hip hop and EDM fusion collaborations; those tracks will have unique vibes for sure.   

Your sound/style is so so unique! How did you develop your distinct sound?

To develop your own unique sound, you need to practice and study sound design and music theory daily.

In my home, I do so many experiments of sound design in Serum vst. In every song, I try to add my own unique style by adding my own sounds and samples.

From structure to final rendering of a song, I carefully see and set every element because I always try to add my emotions into music.

Each and every song I have released till now, has some emotions and that I poured in it and I hope my audience can relate to it. 

You are a very respected artist! What would you say to aspiring artists who look up to you?

I just want to say to each and every upcoming artist to just be focused and consistent on your art.

No matter what, never ever leave your art because you guys are one in a million .

You guys are an important asset to your family and your country.

You just need to work hard and sharpen your skills.

Success takes time, patience and hard word.

Be focused.

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?


My new song, "ENCORE " is coming up via F HighEntertaiment in August.

Encore is a hybrid trap epic rage music.

I hope you will like it!

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