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Background (Tribe Mafia):

Tribe Mafia, an American hip-hop duo, is comprised of two talented individuals, Chinasa Broxton Okorocha and Carlos Dashawn Moore.

Based out of Austin, TX, these Hometown Heroes hardly ever have a chance to stay home anymore.

Tribe Mafia has had the opportunity to travel across the world to perform with rap legend Akon, land hit songs on public radio, and collaborate with a plethora of other well-known emerging artists and producers.

Tribe Mafia is known for making public appearances at local events and for their creative, high energy performances they bring to each show.

By utilizing the entire stage, props, and jumping from unconventional heights, their presentation is always a one of a kind experience.

In addition to their amazing performances, Tribe Mafia is best known in the greater Austin hip-hop community for their quarterly, "Tribe Mafia Listening Party".

The group started the production of their "Listening Parties" to help build a platform for other upcoming artists to showcase their talent and network with individuals with a common interest in music.

Among other accomplishments, Tribe Mafia has competed in and won in renowned musical competitions, such as "Coast 2 Coast", the world's largest independent artist showcase.

Shortly after this event, they received a distribution deal with Indie Nation and Sony's "The Orchard".

In the past year, this dynamic hip-hop duo has toured internationally to perform in Brazil with rap legend, Akon, built strong relationships with artists and producers in New York, Florida, Las Vegas, and California, as well as expanded their music across the globe.

Tribe Mafia kicked off 2020 by dropping their 8 track LP, "Teepee Gang" featuring collaborations from well-known artists from across the country.

This EP is unlike any of their others, as it serves up fast, fun beats, taking inspiration from Afro-Carribean, Salsa and Dancehall music.

This EP was made for those who love to dance!

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