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D Kirk, tell us a little more about shooting your video for "My Type"

Hey guys, pleasure to be back again with DARK Magazine.

The “My Type” video was pretty fun shooting!

I had a nice house in the downtown Philly area and had one of my good friends @esotericproductionz too shoot the two day event

We shot some in the house as well outside of it and with the amazing models involved as you will see in the video.

The video was so much fun shooting just because of the energy, fun and different thought processes coming together with the visuals between me and esoteric, the amazing models, and my friends.

What I loved is having fellow artist friends and my friends be apart of this and enjoy themselves as well as just the overall visuals that came out of the video.

Second day we went downtown and found buildings and other dope locations to add to the video.

You will see in the video!

Overall the my type music video shoot was literally my type of fun; I like to have just free fun and and be artistic.

When can we expect to see another music video from D Kirk (KV)?

You can expect to see another video from me sometime next year possibly for my single with Rayven justice “ Like That” in 2021

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