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This is Djia Media.

Djia Media is breaking boundaries in the music industry, tells us more about how Djia Media got started.

Djia Media came about when our CEO, Joanne Hadjia, first moved to Los Angeles in 2013 and entered into the 'major record label' world.

Joanne, known as singer Joey Djia, quickly learnt that the music business had many layers and in order to be reasonably successful, you must have a highly functioning team and often a great deal of money.

She realized how unreliable many 'professionals' could be and hated waiting on people to do their jobs or to simply give her a shot without expecting her to sign her life away first.

Joey eventually learnt to do most of the elements herself and after years of networking she was able to generate and refine a team of talented and trustworthy people.

The goal was to create a safe and dependable company that Joey wished existed whenever she needed a service.

Now, Djia Media has helped artists generate over 450 million streams!

We offer beats, songwriting, top-lining, studio hire, engineer and musician hire, mixing, mastering, single artwork, video editing, distribution and more!

From the creation to the marketing, we can help!

What would you say separates Djia Media from other labels?

We are an independent company which not only means we are hands on, but it also enables us to work closely with each client, focusing on their desired goals.

We are a team of creatives ourselves, so we do not only work with a business mindset, we're also passionate about the actual music and understand the creative and emotional side that comes with the process.

Here at Djia Media, we have a brilliant reputation for executing projects quickly and efficiently.

We like to add to the momentum of a project whilst there is passion and excitement rather than slow it down with slow turn overs like most companies.

We take an independent approach and create major label quality works!

Tell us some more about the amazing artists who work with you guys!

At Djia Media, we work with developing artists that have never had anything to do with the music industry, along with big names and influencers that have no musical background but want to step into the music business.

We also work with full time musicians and big established names.

We have completed a magnitude of services such as written songs, held workshops, mixed and mastered projects, completed single deals, had mentoring sessions and much more with Nineteen85, Boi1da, Timbaland, Joey Djia, Mychal Kendricks, Soull, MAXINE, Quincy, Alone., William Singe, King Los, Redfoo, Gina Valentina and more. 

Is there anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from Djia Media?

We  just launched our publishing and admin department of Djia Media.

We had personally experienced missing royalties and have been working on building a system that ensured we could collect all the various royalties our music is generating as the world of music publishing is very intricate!

We now offer those services to artists, songwriters and producers around the globe!

We also have a full schedule of awesome upcoming single releases as well international 'Artist Development' workshops in Los Angeles & Sydney Australia!

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