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Kevin, tell us a little more about your DJ coalition with SlabAllStarz!

With the overwhelming interest in the chopped and screwed movement originated by the LATE GREAT DJ SCREW, plenty of DJs and squads have thrown their hats in the mix.

With certain DJs reaching the pinnacle of success and becoming the now “standard barriers” of the genre, SlaughtaHouze/SlabAllStarz LLC proudly presents the newest challengers for the crown, The SlabAllStarz DJ coalition. 

It was founded in 2017 by DJ tR1pL 6ixx and SlaughtaHouze owner, Kevin Solomon.

Releasing chopped and screwed mixtapes on various mixtape platforms, the popularity of the tapes resulted in the expansion of the organization. 

SlabAllStarz Radio (The 24/7 chopped and screwed digital radio station) was established in 2018 and was powered by SlaughtaHouze/Newmann Distributions LLC.

SlabAllStarz Radio features remixes from each of the DJs associated with the organization.

With the success of the radio station, The SlabAllStarz Mobile app was established in 2019.


The coalition continues to grow with the addition of new and exciting DJs.

New SlabAllStarz remixes and mixtapes are rapidly released and streamed by viewers all over. 

Everyone of our affiliate DJs are supported and promoted by SlaughtaHouze and encouraged to push out the best product possible.

If you’re an artist or record label interested in having an OFFICIAL SlabAllStarz remix of your single, mixtape, or project, take the time and check out the different styles of the following DJs on our roster.

The SlabAllStarz Radio 

“On Air” DJs consist of:

DJ tR1pL 6ixx (co-founder/CEO)

DJ OG LivEvil ( @oglivevil)

DJ Spankk Rogers ( @dj.spankk .rogers )

DJ Sizzurp (@djsizzurp)

DJ Yurpberry (@yurberry)

DJ Smilez (@officialdjsmilez)

DJ J-Ton (@dj_jton)

DJD Loskii (@djdloskii)

DJ Chopwell (@chopwell87)

DJ Fla Boi (@iamdjflaboi)

DJ Anonymous (@anonymous_music93)

For booking inquiries, DM each individually.

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?

New Releases: 

We are Constantly dropping SlabAllStarz remixes and mixtapes.

Our new releases air all month long on SlabAllStarz Radio at 10 A.M, 1 P.M, and 9 P.M (CST).

They can also be found on the homepage of our app.

The exposure an artist receives being featured on our platform is extremely beneficial.

We have a winning team, structured organization and the #MambaMentality

Follow SlabAllStarz:


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