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Amela, tell us more about how you first started MONOIMANII?

I started Monoimanii a couple of years ago.

I worked in the financial industry and never felt like I was truly in my element.

I started out studying child psychology in London, but had to move back to Stockholm because of personal reasons.

I couldn't get in to the Psychology program here, so I studied political science and business then I started to work.

Since I was a child, I've always loved painting.

So, after I had my two babies, I started to take evening courses in fashion design and dressmaking in Stockholm.

Now, I'll be taking courses at Parsons, NYC.

My dream was to establish the brand Monoimanii and the Monoimanii Foundation so I could assist organizations who rescue children from trafficking in an overall effort to help them recover, build self esteem, and a new life.

What would you say separates MONOIMANII's art/fashion style?

The Monoimanii style is timeless, chic, and can be described as sassy-streetwear meets classy.

I want the dresses to be of emotional value too; so that the dresses could be passed down through generations and be full of memories.

But still, the style must always be modern.

The fabrics I use are mainly from haute couture stores in London, New York, and Paris.

The dresses are mostly made from brocades, jacquard and silk.

What has been some of your favorite projects you've got to work on?

My favorite projects with the foundation has been working with children from poor backgrounds and supporting them with their studies/helping build self esteem.

I always enjoyed working with on a new project this year is with an Asian investment company that will sell Monoimanii´s products in Asia and the United Arab Emirates!

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from MONOIMANII?

I'm looking for a new studio in Paris, and I'm in the process of designing unique Monoimanii fabrics for the future.

I'm also very passionate about film making.

I have a short film on Monoimanii's Youtube channel and that is something that we will do more of in the future as well!

Follow Monoimanii:

Monoimanii can be found on Instagram and in the near future on

Also, in stores in Asia and UAE.

I have been contacted by a designer store in New York that is called Flying Solo, so that could be Monoimanii's first space in the US in the future, but I would love to be in LA as well!


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