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Meet The Cryptocurrency That Cares About Your Privacy: NAUGHTY COIN


There truly is no better time to be involved in cryptocurrencies than now.

Despite the nearly $30,000 dip from April to May in Bitcoin, digital currency enthusiasts from all over the world continue to hunt for the next big cryptocurrency.

As days go on, the crypto market is beginning to see more and more institutional investors starting to familiarize themselves with cryptocurrencies as more coins thrust towards mainstream acceptance.

However, these new crypto waves are beginning to raise some questions (the right ones).

One of the most important questions you should ask yourself before investing in a cryptocurrency is: ‘Do I believe in this mission?’

As increasingly more savy investors begin to delve into the crypto markets, it’s fair to say that as the competition get’s tougher, the demand for quality crypto’s gets higher.

$NAUGHTY was just announced today and they are reinforcing the purist crypto ideology of privacy in an entirely new way:

“NAUGHTYCOIN will allow our community to purchase pleasurable content without payment trace. Using a debit/credit card for your naughty pleasures creates the risk of embarrassment from a parent, significant other, or loved one. Using $NAUGHTY for your said needs eliminates the worry of a traceable statement.”

NAUGHTY COIN also announced partnerships with major content creators and models from all over the world who all will be accepting $NAUGHTY in exchange for content:

"Our website will display all of our partners who are currently accepting $NAUGHTY. New partners will be announced weekly. The $NAUGHTY team is also working with various organizations to put a stop to human trafficking.”

Here’s some of the TOKENOMICS of NAUGHTY COIN:

  • Token Name : NAUGHTY COIN

  • Token Symbol: $NAUGHTY

  • Max Supply : 69 Billion

They’ve also created a pretty awesome exchange for their crypto enthusiasts. Check this out:

Locked Liquidity:

— $NAUGHTY is locking liquidity for 2 years at launch.

Low Network Fee:

— $NAUGHTY is on the Binance Smart Chain meaning there are virtually no gas fees and almost instantaneous swaps!

Secure and Decentralized:

— Self-sufficient and autonomous DeFi community that gives holders control of their digital assets without the need for an intermediary. A secure BNB blockchain ledger alleviating risk to investors.

$NAUGHTY is listed on the Binance Smart Chain via PancakeSwap 2 and you can also visit their website for news and website here.



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