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This is Anthony.

Anthony, tell us more about how you got started in music?

I’ve always been big in music as a listener and my mom got me a big boombox when I was pretty young; you couldn’t keep me away from it, I always had something in rotation!

However, it wasn’t until later in high school that I realized I could sing and rap and until a few years after (late 2016) that I started writing more and really creating as an artist.

I really enjoyed the process of it, but it wasn’t until I found my way to the resources & tools that brought me closer to the higher quality visions I had for what I wrote.

It was at that time when I started realizing and believing that I could really do this, thinking I could really make it as an artist. 

What would you say is the most difficult aspect about starting a career in music

So far, I’d say the hardest part for me has been being independent and doing the work that isn’t necessarily music.

Figuring out how to go about marketing myself, successfully promoting my music, using social media to my advantage, booking shows, getting my music to the right ears & figuring out who those right ears are, etc.

This is where my main struggle has come from: understanding the ins & outs of these aspects.

As an independent artist, you take on all these responsibilities and more; it’s a lot.

Entering the game solo, you don’t realize how much outside work goes into making the music itself successful, regardless of how good your song/album/project may be.

Truthfully, the music itself comes pretty natural and easy to me.

It’s in the process of how to go about the next steps where I have had trouble.

It’s been a lot of trial & error, taken some time, but I have definitely learned a lot from when I first started!   

What would you say separates your sound from others?

My versatility.

If you listen to my work, you’ll see that I’ve created within a few different realms and although I’d say my main roots are in a more raw, R&B type sound, wherever else I do create I never feel or sound out of place.

I love that and I never feel limited in what I can create, I think it’s a super big asset for me.

It gives me a lot of confidence moving forward.

Who are your biggest influences in music and why?

Truthfully, I don’t know if I really have any “biggest influences” in music; at least on the creative side.

I admire the ability and talent of a lot of artists, but hardly ever do I say, “I want to sound like this guy on this song” or that I am “influenced by this person," you know? 

I will throw out a few names for you though - I really admire Mac Miller & Post Malone’s talent, honest nature, & their ability to leave me in awe with their versatility & products of their work.

I admire Drake & how everything he touches turns to gold, that man is an incredible artist.

I admire Frank Ocean, Childish Gambino, Jay-Z, Rihanna & Playboi Carti for being able to drop off the face of the Earth on media to live their lives & come back just as relevant as when they left.

Lastly, I really admire Nipsey Hussle & Kobe Bryant for what they did with their platform both in music and basketball: make positive changes in everything they do, everyone they were able to reach, and giving back to their communities (you can tell I’m a SoCal kid with these last two lol).

Do you have anything new or upcoming that we can expect to see from you?

My sophomore album “When” is releasing on May 15th!

I’m really excited about this project; I truly think it’s some of the best music I’ve ever made and it's hands down the best & most cohesive project I’ve ever put together.

There’s going to be a lot surrounding that project in terms of music videos, live performances, blogs, interviews, etc - so you can expect that to be the main focus of my content in the very near future.

I really had a great time creating this album, & I hope everyone who hears it has their own experience to enjoy as well with it!

If you’re seeing this article after the release of this project, know I’m always up to something!

If you have heard the project and are wondering if there is more to come from Anthony James after that, know the answer is "yes."

I couldn’t tell you what the sound will be or give you a clear direction of that - but like I said, I’m always up to something and you can expect something from me after “When” as well. 

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