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This is Arah.

Arah, tell us more about how you got into writing?

I got into writing when I took a leap of faith to leave a story behind and create a new one for myself and my daughter.

The only thing I could do for myself sometimes was pick up a pen and write down how I was feeling to express myself.

I listened to music a lot and being deprived of it as a young girl, I thirsted for the sound of another soul.

I started making discoveries of myself and then other people and then I realized my life was changing based on the discoveries of my writing.

I started writing songs and poetry and was always so afraid to share.

I would go to Da Poetry Lounge in Hollywood, and just sit anywhere I could find a space and watch mesmerized at the courage of so many poets.

I developed a relationship with the power of writing through the process of my own creative healing strategy.

This was the establishment for me that I was going to use the gift of writing to aid, to heal, and to provide my audience with a sense of emotional freedom in my releases.

As I grow, my writing becomes more of the seed of everything I’m planting for myself.

Writing my own monument of freedom has been a part of that development.

On May 10th, 2020, I became the type of person that would write letters to the Mayor.

I wrote “The Poetic Declaration Of Freedom”, requesting that this momentous time become our Revolution Of Peace and provide women with the emotional liberty we are more than worthy of. 

Can you tell us some of your favorite things you've got to work on over the years?

I was a semi-finalist in my very first attempt to put my writing out there.

My work was published for the first time in 2014, when my friend screamed at me for not being radically involved or awake to the Black Lives Matter Movement.

I had no idea what the threats and social issues were in the world, I was so distracted and wrapped up in a party-go-see-homie lifestyle.

I didn’t even seek the education of the conditions of the world around me.

I was unconsciously raising my daughter and fighting for her opportunities in this world instead of creating them.

But that led me to discover the conditions of myself.

I wrote “Because We Can” after she zapped me in.

After I wrote this, I found myself receiving a reward for my willingness to get involved in the movement for freedom and mental peace:

“Blacken the in on votes we choose

Because we can, we ought to

Press it with love the votes we choose

Because we can, we ought to

Drink from the fountain, think love and passion

Bow your head, close your eyes

Love thy neighbor, love thy-self

Pick up the good book and do justly, with love

Because we can, we ought to

Open your hearts and read words aloud 

Because we can, we ought to.”

That was the seed to inspire the impression that if I have the ability to do something, why not use this one opportunity to exist and leave a mark in history. 

How would you best describe your style when it comes to writing?

When I express myself, I’m always declaring something for myself and I create imaginations; bright and vivid imagery to cast on the mind. 

I would say that I have a classic Victorian style of writing. 

Arah, what sort of advice would you give aspiring authors?

Just do it!

There’s nothing between you and taking the time to work on the dream that you are creating but your willingness.

Words are such gifts.

I look at the world that we’ve created so far and I see that it only took the understanding of 26 letters to create this reality. 

My advice for writers is also for readers, just create your story and that is the message in my gift and my first self published book, “Majestic Pretty Thoughts©.” 

Do you have anything that is new or upcoming that we can expect to see from you?

I have a vast amount of wonderful things opening up for me.

That is one of my gems for you to store into your consciousness.

I’m a Mystic Boss and a mother of miracles.

I will be launching online courses and working closely with organizations all over Los Angeles to provide self-esteem cures and self-leadership development services for young women.

I work closely with organizations that provide sustainable self-esteem services.

I’m also, The Fairy Braid Goddess, providing healing services through braiding arts and aura frequency cleansing. 

Follow Arah Kay:

My links to everything are in my bio on my Instagram. For booking mentorship services and engagements feel free to email me.


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