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This is Darius.

Darius, tell us more about how you became an entrepreneur?

Well, I didn't start out wanting to be one.

It was really the way I was adjusting to life, the more I wanted to enjoy life, and the more I knew that I would have to get a job and work for it.

I worked for many different people over the course of many years and I never liked to work for other people but I knew working for those people was a way to earn money.

After awhile, I knew there was a way to make my own money on my own terms, so I partnered with my brother and we created "Trust The Process."

Trust The Process is our very own clothing line that we started which really sparked my entrepreneurial journey.

I knew I couldn't just stop there because I still had dreams that needed to come true and businesses that I needed to open.

Then, I came across Forex and ever since I was introduced to this business, it has not only given me a return on investment but it has sustained my entire life to the point where I'll never need a job again.

Since I started trading Forex, I never looked back.

Everything I do that is connected to this business is supported by facts that anyone can look up and find on Google.

My ultimate goal is to impact as many lives with this information as possible.

Has it always been a smooth road for you?

No it hasn't; but I believe taking the difficult road is the road less taken for a reason.

People expect things to be handed to them sometimes and even expect you to do it for them on top of that.

I believe that if it came to you too early its a curse not a blessing to not have struggled.

I have been put in situations that I did not want to be in while pursing my dreams and because of that I'm prepared for the rest of my journey.

I've figured out pretty early on that you only grow when you get uncomfortable; uncomfortable with your bank account, uncomfortable with the current way your living, or even uncomfortable with the way you see yourself.

It all starts with your mental.

While trying to be the best entrepreneur that I can be, I noticed the first test is facing true adversity.

The road to becoming a millionaire is most definitely doable but not many people choose it; and that is why it is so highly rewarding.

What would you tell aspiring traders who look up to you?

If you have a strong mentor who is willing to invest their time and energy in you so that you can become the best that you can be, do not hesitate to listen to them; they have achieved a level of success that you haven't reached yet.

Don't get discouraged about trading, you win some and you lose some.

Trading is more psychological than it is physical.

Also, don't be afraid to tell people about an opportunity like this, there is so many people that need this, you are someone else's blessing and you may or may not know it.

Do you have anything new or upcoming that we can expect to see from you?

New clothes for my clothing line coming soon.

I will be a millionaire before this year is over.

My family is going to get bigger and so are our pockets. 

Follow Darius Bell:

You can reach my at @theofficialdariusbell on Instagram and @officialldarius on Snapchat.


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