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This is Kano.

Kano, tell us more about how you got into video production.

Every since I was six years old, I always used to record myself in front of the camera.

It grew on me as I got older.

I first started off acting, but God moved me into another direction.

I really started shooting music videos just to practice in 2016.

I told myself in three years I will be far into it.

Now, I’m ready to elevate.

How would you describe your style of cinematography?

My style is very basic.

I don’t care about using video effects at times.

I believe in rawness.

I like shooting to show your true self.

Show that pain, show that gift you have deep inside. 

What has been some of your favorite projects you've worked on this year?

I have plenty of favorite projects.

I enjoyed working with Brian Keith, 4500 Nuk, August Bleu, YungSpoody.

With Brian Keith, one of favorite music videos that we got to work on is, “ Down Below” we are in pre production with that.

I already edited the video inside my mind because it’s a personal song that I went through in life that made me realize reality.

With 4500 Nuk, my favorite video I did for him is, “Warzone” we have plenty more on the way.

August Bleu is the homie from Los Angeles.

We got a movie coming out with his next song.

And for Yung Spoody, my favorite video I did for him was "Long Road."

That hit me in a different way that made me want to get my relationship right with God. 

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?

Yes, I have a lot of personal projects coming out.

I will be shooting my real brother (Tune) aka buck nasty music videos.

I also will be traveling around from state to state shooting known artists.

And shooting more family members my cousins Trip King, Don Donovan and zay zay.

I will have a platform for all upcoming artists and as well as some of your favorite artist. 

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