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This is Keithian.

Keithian, could you tell us a little about how you got into music?

I grew up in a music family.

Both my grandfathers played jazz music and my parents were both in choir.

My mother was also a dancer and choreographer; so I was kind of surrounded by music and naturally I started playing instruments.

My grandfather taught me how to play the saxophone and I started singing in the gospel choir.

So, doing that all led to me joining groups; boy groups/bands and I recorded for a few years with them doing that.

Then we got a deal and we were kind of like the mall kids; you know, recording and touring around malls with small tours and really just a lot of cool stuff.

I learned a lot in that.

Then we broke up.

I was solo and in New Orleans.

So, I started producing records with a production partner and then I got a record deal.

It was a solo deal with a major label which ultimately brought me out to LA.

I was signed to them for a little bit, but they really were all over the place.

They rarely put out any music and I was kind of shelved.

But after that, I got a chance to write for a lot of other artists and produce during that time.

Most recently, I pretty much broke out of that label deal and started doing it all myself.

Now, I’m actually putting out my EP really soon.

I’m still doing shows and doing everything I can do.

I was actually supposed to do a lot of shows and festivals like Broccoli City, but now with this pandemic I’m still figuring things out.

But, I’m definitely pushing my new single “Pillow Talk” and some of my other singles that are on my upcoming EP called ...To My Pain.

I’ll probably release it late June or sometime in July.

Yeah man, its kind of cool though being an independent artist.

I really get the chance to do everything myself and its just like a new world; more control, a little stress but a different type of stress like creative stress, marketing stress, stuff like that but it's really fun.