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This is Megan.

Megan, you are truly a jack of all trades! Tell us some more about how you got into public speaking & writing?

I got into public speaking almost five years ago.

I had just turned 19!

I left community college to follow my dreams and started by speaking at local YMCA's, Boys + Girls Clubs and Rotary Clubs!

Truly, any place that would have me!

I just never gave up.

I literally, at 19, would spend my days walking from high school to high school, introducing myself and meeting with the principal.

I would make business cards online and just did what I knew; I just started.

I would send hundreds of emails all day and DM people until the snowball effect kinda took over.

Where one speaking gig led to another, and one podcast episode led to another.

The speaker, wellness, motivational guru world is super awesome!

Everyone knows each other and is connected in some way.

Growing up, I also did dancing, acting and theatre all years of schooling.

I genuinely just love being on stage and performing for others.

It's funny because most people assume if you have anxiety you wouldn't like being on stage but I THRIVE!

That's where I feel most beautiful and connected to myself.

You are a podcast host & anxiety advocate for teens; tell us a little more about your podcast bringing awareness to mental health issues.

In High School, I struggled with chronic, daily anxiety and panic attacks.

I constantly felt not good enough and alone with my struggles.

I just will never forget the feeling of sitting in my school assemblies and thinking to myself, "why aren't they talking about mental health or self care? Or just real life?"

Now, having overcome my own struggles, I've dedicated my life to changing the public school system and incorporating mandatory classes about mindfulness, self-care, following your dreams, mental health + meditation.

I want to set teens up for real success; not just here's how to get into this ivy league college but here's how to manage your happiness your whole life.

So, I use my platforms, podcast, books, blog, social media, and talks-to give teens advice and how-to-tips from professional athletes, New York Times best selling authors, actors, singers, olympians.

I know how badly I wished someone laid it out for me in High School; this is how you become a dancer, chef or songwriter.

I want teens to feel less intimidated and more excited.

I want them to know exactly step 1, step 2 & step 3 of how their favorite snowboarder or influencer made it!

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?


I am currently working on my 4th book!

I am SO excited because in the fall I'm going on a book tour and things I dreamt about for so long are coming true!

I also have so many clothing & shoe: coming up with my favorite brands!

I was also featured on the cover of the June issue of Bsqaured Magazine!

Which is so full circle and manifesting!

They said under my name, "A Star is Born", which is crazy because every psychic reading I've had they also say- you are meant for huge things lady.

I have tons of speaking gigs lined up for the fall and 2021 (once quarantine is lifted a little)!

I have been doing interviews on IG live with celebs like Ceelo Green, Mariel Hemingway and the creative director of Oprah Magazine, Adam Glassman!

I just want to use my platform to make people FEEL less alone with their struggles.

I just hold onto how 16 year old Megan felt and I use that pain as a driving force to just keep going and so far I've spoken at over 500 schools in 4.5 years.

My ultimate goal is to be at the level of Tony Robbins and Rachel Hollis, and sell out Madison Square Garden.

I basically am inspiring teens to follow their dreams while I pursue mine!

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