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This is Nass.

Nass, tell us more about how you got into punk rock?

It all started when I heard about these fives bands as a kid (10 years old):

(1) Green Day

(2) The Ramones 

(3) Warsaw/joy division 

(4) The Misfits 

(5) The Buzzcocks  And the rest is history.

What is the most difficult aspect about launching a career in music?

The difficult part of making music would probably be getting the right mind set.

I work a 46-hour job and sometimes I'm tired and even lack motivation at times; but it is my passion.

Like I say, "no struggle no growth." 

How would you describe your style/sound and what makes it different?

My style is more punk.

I grew up playing in punk bands as a teen.

Thats why Nass Zuruck songs aren’t more than 4 minutes. Like most “typical” post-punk and dark wave bands, I keep the punk aspect in Nass Zuruck (synth punk) ( post-punk) under three minutes; straight to the point.

What makes me different from most artists is that I stick to my roots.

I’m a punk and I'm bringing my punk elements to a type of genre I thought I would never be able to play 

Do you have anything new or upcoming that we can expect to see from you?

I'm actually working on my third album coming out 2021 but ill release an LP this year (maybe 2 songs max)

Most likely no shows sadly due to COVID-19

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