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Meet Popular Artist: Svndwn


Svndwn is a solo musician from Staten Island, New York.

Before releasing his latest track “Tight Jeans” he primarily made songs that were in the Hip-Hop, lo-fi hip and Trap metal genres.

Svndwn started making music in early 2017 under his original artist name “Anthony Svn'' which then changed to Svndwn in late 2019.

In his solo career it’s been people Joji, JPEGMAFIA, scarlxrd, Raleigh Ritchie, Denzel Curry and juice wrld, dance gavin dance, kennyhoopla and Dominic Fike.

In the newer tracks he plans to release, he intends to go back to his roots and embrace a more grunge, pop punk and rock vibe.

Svndwn is an artist – someone who values the cool breezes, the pain in one’s chest, and wants the world to listen.

He captures the absurdity of life through the lens of an eager creative, who still has the ability to poke fun at himself.

Svndwn’s new song, “Tight Jeans” will serve as another piece to fill his musical puzzle, experimenting with a new genre of music.

This sound is different from his previous works seen in his two EP’s, “Homesick,” (2019) and “Lost Files,” (2021).

He takes a much more pop-punk approach while also incorporating his much loved yelling.

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