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Meet Recording Artist & Influencer Mac Glitzy


"Never fitting in has never felt so good." - Mac Glitzy

Meet Mac Glitzy the non-binary, emo-trap recording artist and social media star (pronouns: they/them/theirs/dude) making music and content with a gothic flair while defying gender norms.

Born Mackenzie Roberts February 27, 1997 in the small rural community of New Martinsville W.V. to family of Italian American decent.

Glitzy's content has gained a dedicated queer & emo following thanks to their spin on mixing pop-punk vocals, with metal-trap beats along with visual satire of colliding the worlds of glam and grunge together.


Glitzy's first mixtape "Devil Baby" released on Soundcloud in 2019 featured many emo - soundcloud heavy weights, such as Attack on the Coast & Doc Hellish and gained attention of many underground music bloggers in the SoCal emo/trap community as well as radio interviews at Dash Radio & Casting Frontier.

Mac's debut EP "Emo Trash Princess" released in Spring of 2020 on all music streaming platforms accompanied by music video visuals through production company NoFacefilms & Hollywood Gothic Productions for songs such as Teach You Right, Brain Freeze, E-girl Anthem, & M.O.N.E.Y. featuring Emo Flytrap & Foreign Hype.

Mac Glitzy identifies as non-binary (expressing characteristics not entirely male nor female.

They/them/theirs) and hopes to be an advocate for LGBQT youth as well as shed light on mental health awareness with their own personal opticals overcoming anxiety disorder and depression.

Glitzy’s latest single & music video Bottom of the Ocean, released Feb. 19. 2021 directed by CherryWave on Youtube & all music streaming services explores coping with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety in a deep-sea, alternative fashion, emo dreamscape.

Bottom of the Ocean marries wavy hip-hop beats with Glitzy’s poppy moody lyrics are an unlikely mix but definitely quenches the thirst for something strongly needed in a growing overly saturated Soundcloud market.

Bottom of the Ocean is a visually stunning emo-trap love story.

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