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Meet Rising Recording Artist J.A.N.


How Artist J.A.N Plots To Take The Music Industry By Storm

There is always that satisfying feeling of discovering a brand new artist with loads of talent.

There are just no words to describe the feeling of joy watching the artist you knew was about to blow up - actually blow up in the music world.

Fanbases continue to grow and grow and they finally get to see their artist in the limelight.

From there, we’ve seen snowball effects begin to take place for so many talented artists.

But the rapid rise to fame also has plenty of consequences.

However, for an artist like J.A.N. fame and fortune is just one of the perks of making music, but at the end of the day, J.A.N. makes sure its always about his fans. J.A.N.’s fans are ready for his music to take the industry by storm and with a pure talented artistry like his, it’s truly just a matter of time before its lights, camera, and action.

J.A.N. is an artist from Victorville, California.

As much as he loves to sing, he also enjoys writing his music and choosing which right words will match the beat.

Even at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, he still has the passion to continue to make music.

Despite the pandemic, J.A.N.’s social media following continued to grow and expand across networks.

Whether it was dropping a new single or an awesome new photo to share with his fanbase, it’s clear that J.A.N. is living his best life to the complete fullest and nothing is going to get in his way.

J.A.N. firmly believes that by creating good music, people will find it more comforting and more entertaining to remain at their homes.

Music, for so many of us, is a way to escape reality and during the pandemic, artists like J.A.N. have been providing so many music listeners even more of a reason to escape.

True artists understand the significance of providing a medium of escape for their listeners.

For many, great artists become a symbol of hope and understanding for a better future while others extend a helping hand and bear one of the most important responsibilities of artist-hood. J.A.N.’s mission is to truly make great music for great people and he’s doing it in his own cool way.

Inspired by golden artists like Juice WRLD, Lecrae, and KB, J.A.N. desires to make a name for himself.

He wants to be remembered as an artist from his hometown of Victorville, California and grow and prosper daily.

Since the internet music industry, artists like J.A.N. have come up with more and more innovative ways to generate more revenues. 

Not only does he just want to be able to create music every single day, but J.A.N. wants to reach another milestone in his career by promoting his brand: an artist by heart and a businessman by trade.

J.A.N’s music has started streaming on music platforms like Soundcloud and Youtube. Make sure to tap in with him across all socials:

Follow J.A.N:


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