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Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Baby Pynk, tell us more about how you got into music & songwriting.

I grew up singing anywhere I could and inevitably found my way onstage doing musical theatre.

I eventually taught myself how to play piano so that I could accompany myself while singing to my favorite songs.

I've also been writing prose poetry since I was about sixteen years old, so songwriting came semi-naturally to me. 

While I was in school for Performing Arts, I would write pop songs on the piano in the rehearsal rooms in between rehearsals.

Eventually, I got to a point where I was singing my own songs so frequently that it became necessary for me to find some way to fully produce them so that I could share my music on a wider platform and finally feel as though I was “finished” with some of my songs.

I rarely ever write when I’m happy, so most of my music comes from emotions that arise from struggles with my previous relationships, or anxiety.

When I’m able to take what I’m feeling and transform it into a song it sort of allows me to distance myself and reflect.

I write all of my own lyrics and they come from a very real place.

When I wrote my first single, “White", I was going through a period that I’m not necessarily proud of, so writing that track was more of a cathartic way of coping through what I was dealing with at the time. 

Songwriting allows me to transform my innermost thoughts into a medium that I can share with the world. 

What would you say is the most difficult aspect about launching a career in music?

I’d say the most difficult aspects of launching a career in music is finding an audience and finding a good team of people who support you.

I have dreams of performing in front of a huge audience singing my lyrics back to me.

It's been a little different since COVID hit, because most venues are closed so I’ve been going live on instagram and performing mini sets.

It's cool to see people connect with my music and receive support during a livestream, or a message from someone saying they like my work.

Eventually, when things open back up again I plan on doing more live shows.

Coming from a stage background, I have this kind of codependent relationship with my audience so I’m definitely having withdrawals of sorts.

As far as finding a good team of people goes, it can be a bit taxing starting off.

Every time I work with a new producer, it's kind of like going on a first date.

You have to sort of feel each other out and see what the other person can bring to the table.

My music is like my baby and I’m a total helicopter parent.

It can be difficult taking a track that I wrote on my own with my organ to someone with a full set up and hope that they see your vision and can add to it in a way that supports the track rather than distract from it.

I make all of my own instrumentals from scratch, so I rely heavily on whoever is in the room with me to take my vision and run with it in a way that adds to the bare bones of the track creatively.

If you have two opposing ideas, the track never really reaches a point of cohesion sonically, but when you’re on the same page it’s like lightning in a bottle.

I’ve been really fortunate to work with some amazing people who completely understand where I’m headed sonically. 

How would you describe your style/sound & how is it different?

I’d definitely say my music has more of an alternative vibe.

I try not to get too fixated on genre because as an artist I feel as though it can be limiting.

I listen to pretty much everything and most of my favorite artists are genre non-conformists.

I’m always looking to make something new that people haven’t heard before.

I feel like all of the top 40 songs can be a little formulaic in terms of structure and sound so I try to push the envelope where I can with my music.

I’m obsessed with guitar so most of my tracks feature some type of low-fi guitar sound, but lyrically I’d say I tend to stick to pop.

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?

I have been working on an EP that I'm hoping to release later this year.

I'm also hoping to release my new single called, “Kill My Appetite” that will be available on all streaming platforms later this month. 

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