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This is Theresa.

Theresa, you are very well known for being a premiere hairstylist and costume designer. Tell us how you got started in entertainment & television.

I got started in the entertainment and television industry while running my salon in downtown Columbus Ohio, before I relocated to Los Angeles.

A local production company offered me the hair department head position for their upcoming film projects.

I was able to form relationships with producers from those projects that lead me to lending my creative direction to projects for Ozone Studio, a local production company.

Being in this position, I realized my love for beauty and fashion could be combined with my new love for entertainment industry.

It wasn't going to happen at that level without me relocating to Hollywood.

How would you describe your style when it comes to costume design & hair?

I would describe my personal style as classic with a bit of edginess.

But, when you're custom designing and hair styling for a television or film product; you’re breaking down the script and designing the look around the characters along with the input from the producer and director.

After I understand the vision of the projects creators, I can then combine my creative vision from there.

Could you tell us more about how you started HOB Beauty?

Yes, I started formulating HOB (House Of Broadnax) beauty several years ago when I couldn't find hair products on the market that I loved, so I started making my own.

People would ask what products I used on my hair, so I started thinking about mixing enough to sell.

I originally started selling at local farmers market.

Then, as my film schedule became much more demanding, and since I wanted to sell on a different platforms, I started researching organic beauty laboratories to produce my products.

The HOB beauty brand’s original launch date was scheduled during this year during LA Fashion Week (LAFW), but of course all things were canceled due to the pandemic.

For now, HOB beauty is available on my website with other selling platforms in the works.

Do you have anything that is new or upcoming that we can expect to see from you?

Yes, I definitely have some exciting things coming up with the HOB brand.

I’m working on a reboot this fall for the signature HOB leather essentials; which originally debut at LAFW 2015.

I also have a podcast I’m producing for the brand and some new film/TV projects in the works.

And my passion for purpose and dedication to service is my drive to make a difference in my community.

HOB brand team up with local nonprofit organizations to help local seniors in need, community health fairs, and most recently giving out face masks in the community.

So be sure to stay tuned and connected with me on my social media for all things HOB.

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