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Mikem, what does this EP mean to you?

If it wasn't for this EP, I'd prolly be dead.

I've been so focused on my depression and all the negativity flooding Amerikkka right now and it just made me wanna quit.

Waking up and being a black person in this country is the most dangerous thing to be right now.

I had a long talk with myself and instead of giving up on everything that I got going on right now, I just decided to take all of my pain and trauma into this project.

I am super thankful that I have music in my life and I have the people in my life that motivate me to make the music that I make.

This EP honestly means the world to me and I wouldn't trade it ever

Could you tell us some of your favorite tracks on the project?

My favorite song from the project is definitely the last song which is called "Goin2Hell".

Produced by ATLPromise.

He sent me to the beat and I just blacked out.

The beat really brought out the best in me but at the same time hit a nerve and it struck a certain part of my heart that made me just wanna put my whole soul on the song

When are we going to get another EP from Mikem Nahmir?

I don't know when the next one will come out, but just know I'm always working on something because me and my people need to eat and we have a message that needs to be heard every single day.

By any means necessary.

We cant let up on the movement.

This shit is all we got.

Power to the people

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