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Popular Artist Devin Sunshine Is Creating A New Wave

Welcome back Devin! What was some of your inspiration behind the music video for your latest single 'UP'?

Stoked to be back!

Thanks for having me.

My single “UP” was very much inspired by the indie musician grind.

It’s a bit of a bold and sassy commentary on myself through the eyes of other people in the industry and those who have doubted me or have had things to say about my music or choice to pursue it.

It focuses on the theme of no one truly appreciating you and your vision until you’re “UP on top” and have already made it.

Because isn’t that always how it seems to go? 😂

But nah, in all honesty I’ve got a lot of support and have grown my listeners and supporters a lot in the last couple years, so I can’t overlook that.

But I’ve definitely also dealt with friends and family who have not been so supportive or have voiced their doubts.

And friends who say they support you, but never really show love to your work… so “UP” is a bit of a reflection on that and kind of a “f*ck you” message to those who have been watching from the sidelines with side eyes… who I know will be the first to hop up and show support once my music starts to take off even more.

But that’s fine.

As sassy as the song is, I'm really not one to hold a grudge.

Brushed me off for years during the come up and now you want a ticket to my show?

Sure, come join the party.

You’re LATE 👀.. but always welcome 😂😌

Your other singles “Buggin” and “Don’t Call Me a Princess” have really started to take off! What is your creative process when it comes to actually writing songs?

They have!

All of my latest singles have been getting a lot of love, and I’m super stoked on it.

They’re all my babies, so it feels really nice to receive so much love on them.

I’ve been really focusing on the message I want to put out and and image I want to portray with my recent releases.

I’ve really come into myself and gained a lot of confidence in the last year (thank you lockdown for making us all face our demons and sit with ourselves longer than we’d maybe like to lol) and it’s definitely given my music more of an edgy, empowering, confident, and badass sound.

And it’s one that I’m really trying to continue with moving forward.

With my songs “BUGGIN” and “Don’t Call Me a Princess,” I really tried to exude that bold, confident, empowering female energy that I’ve recently tapped into.

“Don’t Call Me a Princess” is a song about having both grunge-y, tomboy and sexy, girly-girl traits and being able to rock and stand with confidence in both.

I’m very much a tom boy at heart; and I love that side of myself.

But in the last year, I’ve really embraced my feminine side and have grown a lot as a female in the industry, and in society.

So as I’ve been expressing more of that, I wanted to remind people that I’m not just a “pretty pop princess.”

I can spit hard bars and rock a beanie and a bruised knee from skating and that I can still look sexy and pretty doing it. 😉

“BUGGIN” carries that message as well, but in more of a direct and sexual tone.

This song really calls out those people in your life (in the case of this song, a boyfriend or lover) that you really do love to death… but who sometimes just BUG.

Ya know?

The main verse in the song speaks on having people in your life that can be a toss up...sometimes great, heavenly!

But sometimes...not so great, rather hellish.

People who know you well enough to push your buttons and really just BUG you.

I figured this would be a common feeling that a lot of people could relate to.

And I’ve been trying to tap into those universal themes in my writing recently.

My early work was much more personal and reflective...deeper, and a bit darker.. and while I still love that and want to tap back into that in the future...I’m really at a point in my life where i’m just FEELING myself and want to share that positive, empowering energy with everyone who’s listening to and discovering my music.

Devin, you are all about female confidence and empowerment. What would you say to any aspiring female artists who look up to your music?

I most definitely want my music to be a reminder that you can be a radiant badass who takes no shit, but who also cries when necessary.

One who gets back up and keeps working toward their dream or goal despite the fear and doubt - from yourself or others.

That you can be simultaneously confident and humble, and that it’s always coolest to just be yourself.

And that you should never let someone try and tell you that your confidence in yourself is anything to be ashamed of.

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?


I have a lot of songs in the vault and in the works.

An album’s worth one might say… 👀

But for the next few months I’m focused on dropping a few more fun, empowering, SASSY summer singles.

My next upcoming song is called “GRLS WRLD” and it centers around a lot of the themes we’ve spoken on here, as the title suggests 😉

Follow Devin Sunshine:

All of my music is on every streaming platform <3 under my name, Devin Sunshine.

I’m on almost all socials!

I’ll list them here.

I’m most active on Instagram for sure, but TikTok’s becoming a close second.


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