Popular Artist Devin Sunshine Is Creating A New Wave

Welcome back Devin! What was some of your inspiration behind the music video for your latest single 'UP'?

Stoked to be back!

Thanks for having me.

My single “UP” was very much inspired by the indie musician grind.

It’s a bit of a bold and sassy commentary on myself through the eyes of other people in the industry and those who have doubted me or have had things to say about my music or choice to pursue it.

It focuses on the theme of no one truly appreciating you and your vision until you’re “UP on top” and have already made it.

Because isn’t that always how it seems to go? 😂

But nah, in all honesty I’ve got a lot of support and have grown my listeners and supporters a lot in the last couple years, so I can’t overlook that.

But I’ve definitely also dealt with friends and family who have not been so supportive or have voiced their doubts.

And friends who say they support you, but never really show love to your work… so “UP” is a bit of a reflection on that and kind of a “f*ck you” message to those who have been watching from the sidelines with side eyes… who I know will be the first to hop up and show support once my music starts to take off even more.

But that’s fine.

As sassy as the song is, I'm really not one to hold a grudge.