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Glammy Mars

With his stylistically slick & highly melodic vocals, solo-artist Glammy Mars is exploding into the scene like a supernova in 2020/21, ready to change the game with his versatility as an artist and a futuristic sound of his own on his first two singles “Freezing Notes” and “I’M LOST”

Working with powerfully dynamic beats & a seriously stunning design to the atmospheric vibes running deep throughout all his projects, Glammy Mars puts his X-factor right into the center of the spotlight & undeniably through the lefts & rights of your system.

No ordinary debut by any stretch of the imagination, Glammy Mars flexes the finesse of a veteran as he hits his bars with a stellar mix of precision & passion that fully confirms he’s committed, focused, and supremely dedicated to the pure art of entertainment.

“I’M LOST” proves that GM has the lyrical content & verbal confidence to say exactly what he wants to say, exactly how he wants to say it – boldly bringing a fresh attitude to the m-i-c and armed with a relevant sound for the right here & now, his new single slaps!

Built on faded vibes and neon vocal melodies, “I’M LOST” pops out from speakers like the song was recorded in 3D, providing listeners with a sensory experience they both listen to, and feel.

Ready to make his mark in music’s history a permanent one – Glammy Mars has massive plans to take over the charts & playlists around the globe with a series of single releases chronicling his journey to his debut album scheduled for 2021.

Beginning with “Freezing Notes” already building the hype, support, love, and enthusiasm surrounding his music exponentially by the day – listeners around the globe are already vibin’ & connectin’ with the style & sound of Glammy Mars – & he’s just gettin’ warmed up!

The German native has been following the blueprints left behind by trailblazers & titans of the industry having met with Chris Martin, lead singer of Coldplay, Kevin Gates and Russ.

Heavily inspired by Canadian artists like 88Glam, The Weeknd and NAV – all artists & producers that have enabled Glammy Mars to rise to the level of their greatness & follow a unique path to his own.

With GM’s exploratory sound and designer style, his fluid vocals that reveal intense rhythm & flow, and genuine swag in every syllable he spits into the mic – tracks as strong as his debut “Freezing Notes” speak true volumes on behalf of the man behind the music that is hungry & ready for his moment.

Callin’ himself up to the major league in 2020 with the official release of “I’M LOST” – Glammy Mars has no intention of being any kind of carbon copy when he’s more than capable of setting the trends for other artists out there to follow.

Confidently sharpening his skillset every day, and refining his sound into unforgettable, gripping and gloomy cinematic experiences that play like movies at the center of the mind’s eye in listeners located in all corners of the map – Glammy Mars ain’t stoppin’ ‘til he takes the throne where he rightfully belongs.

Join him as he rises through the ranks to dominate the scene with his raw & real perspective & savagely unfiltered lyricism; Glammy Mars has got bars for days & a hybrid signature style of his own that is fully equipped to secure a legacy of excellence from performance to production, and a lifelong music-career.

His next project is ‘TRESPASS’, a record that is set out to break the internet being the first of its kind.

‘TRESPASS’ is set to release December 20th, produced by none other but certified Platinum producer CashMoneyAP who has a long list of noteworthy credits including Migos, Pop Smoke, Ty Dolla $ign, Tyga and many more.

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