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Updated: May 11, 2020

This is Hannah of Project XO.

Tell us more about how you started Project XO and how you got into the business of "date night planning?"

I started Project XO a little over a year ago after moving to San Luis Obispo, CA from Boston, MA.

I was born and raised in a small town in Keene, NH and have always been a hopeless romantic trying to recreate “the perfect movie moment.”

I realized after some family hardships that “time” is the most valuable gift in life.

Therefore, after settling into the Central Coast, which is truly a hidden gem, I decided that this was the place I wanted to start my entrepreneurial journey.

I fell in love with everything this area has to offer from the vineyards to the beautiful green rolling hills to the gorgeous cliffs and ocean views.

It inspired me to take my passion of creating intimate, personable, meaningful, and memorable events for that special occasion in a new direction.

Project XO (PXO) is a Date Night Planning Service where we create packaged and customizable dates for you and your significant other.

We believe in the motto “Date for Life” where there is always an opportunity to take your loved one on a date to have a romantic, exciting, unique and memorable experience.

PXO is also community-based as we utilize local vendors in each area to create these one of a kind adventures that cater to you or a small group for that special occasion.

Additionally, I wanted to do something where I shared love in this world and incorporate my passion for planning, organizing, and designing out-of-the box experiences for others.

My parent’s love story was extremely influential in why I started Project XO.

They had a bond and an unconditional love that couldn’t be replicated.

The sacrifices they made and the “just because” moments and above all their friendship and commitment for 30 years to date for life was something straight out of a movie.

My Dad called my mom his beloved; and if you have never heard the song “JUST” by David Lang it is exactly how my Dad felt about my mother.

Unfortunately, their love story came to an end when my mom passed away on May 30, 2016.

She was filled with so much LOVE and even had a talent herself in planning events and putting together creative ideas.

We both shared this passion in bringing people together to create happiness and joy for others no matter what it took to make them feel special and put a smile on their face.

The expression and emotion of almost an overwhelming “Wow” on someone’s face when they receive that gift is breathtaking and stops me in my tracks every time.

My mom was my everything and even though she is no longer with me, she continues to be my day-to-day motivation, inspiration, and my “why” for following my heart and starting this business and I am honored to be doing this interview in May to continue to celebrate her life.

She taught me to go after my dreams and that time is precious so you should do what makes you happy and what fulfills you in this world because we all have a purpose.

How does it work? Can married couples use Project XO?

Project XO is for everyone for whatever stage they are in their relationship.

The one thing we don’t do is match you.

However, we love keeping the spark alive and creating that experience with married couples and having them continue to date for life as well as couples that are just starting out and need help with getting creative and organizing that night out.

We also love to help those who maybe have their friends or family coming into town and they want to create a special evening or day for everyone either at their home or out on the town and don’t want to deal with the hassle of all the organizing and planning.

Some of the services we offer are Packaged Date Nights, Customizable Date Nights, Surprise Date Nights, and PXO at Home.

Our packaged date nights include Latte Art, Paint Night, Dance Night, Demonstration Chef, Downtown SLO Scavenger Hunt, Crepe Date Night and a few others.

All of our packages are exclusive as we create experiences that don’t already exist in the current locations with local business owners.

As for the Customizable Date Night, we start out by getting to know you and your significant other or your small group through a questionnaire, we then meet for a consultation either by phone or in-person to go further into detail of what you might be looking for.

Then, if you like some of the ideas PXO has put together we move forward in creating a proposal based on your budget and begin planning for that special date.

The surprise date night is a bit different in our process as both of you will be surprised.

Therefore, PXO will confirm the date you are looking for and then send you a questionnaire within 24 hours.

A week before the date, an email will be sent that contains some information regarding your accommodations and how to prepare.

Then a few days before you embark on your adventure a personalized note will be sent in the mail that will give you both directions to your date. PXO wants to give experiences that you will never forget.

Additionally, the PXO at Home Date Night is if you decide you want to stay at home but still want something unique with your love or for a small group of friends or family.

We do everything from setting up your dining table, getting a private chef, setting up a game night, having a cooking class, decorating your home or rental home, stocking your fridge if you are coming from out of town and staying in an Airbnb, or if you just need a little extra sparkle added to the space before you arrive.

Furthermore, something that can be added to any of our date nights is our "Random Acts of Love" this can be getting styled for the evening, having hair and makeup done for both him and her, floral design and delivery, table décor and styling, live music, choreographer, hand-delivered invitations, custom-made love letters, gift baskets, etc. Project XO loves keeping the spark alive and planning, designing, and organizing for that unique and exclusive lifestyle experience.

What problem would you say Project XO solves?

Project XO is allowing people to share their love without feeling overwhelmed by the event or the tasks of putting it all together and trying to come up with something unique.

We want to make it simple easy and effortless to have that authentic one-of-a-kind experience so that there is no stress or the hassle with organizing, planning, setting up, or breaking down for that special occasion, whether it be with your significant other or that small group of friends or family.

We want everyone to be able to just arrive and be present in the moment so that they can share quality time together and not worry about anything else.

Is there anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?

Project XO just launched curated packaged Virtual Date Nights and customized Virtual Date Nights.

These are packaged date nights that you can do with your significant other or friends and family no matter where you are in the world.

With the Virtual Date Nights, it allows you to do an experience behind the screen with all the supplies delivered to your door step while interacting one-on-one with your host whether it be a dance instructor, chef, artist, hiking guru, etc.

Also, these experiences allow you to feel connected to your loved ones even if they do not live with you.

We are excited to be adding to these packages, as well as, adding a few more surprises within the next couple of months that will elevate the clients experience with Project XO.

So make sure to follow along in our journey and continue to Date for Life!

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