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Updated: Jul 1, 2020

This is Team TAP.

Taylor, so much has changed ! Could you give us a little update on how TAP Intuit is going?

TAP Intuit is accelerating fast as time goes on!

We are expanding to more investment strategy sections such as Options and Foreign Exchange.

Every few months now, we host a virtual summit.

Our next virtual summit is August 1st and 2nd.

It’s all online, featuring some main names on personal finance, business, and real estate content of TikTok.

For this event, we are selling exclusive merchandise and a virtual swag bag filled with ebooks, templates, and more.

Tell us a little more about your newest venture Team TAP.

Team TAP is the first ever social media educational content house.

Our team consists of people here

Together, we create educational content based off of real life subjects school does not prioritize like personal finance, business, real estate, investing, and normal academia such as SAT prep.

We launch July 1st and our merch can be shopped at

Team TAP is a diverse group of individuals ranging from 18-25 all based in the United States.

One day, we plan on expanding Team TAP to more countries. You can see our launch July 1st on TikTok !

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?

With Team TAP on the horizon and Secrets to Success, our virtual summit for personal finance, business, investing, and real estate, TAP Intuit continues to scale at rapid levels.

We expect Team TAP to gain traction immediately, as more people are eager to learn money basics.

The summit, Secrets to Success, will bring the TAP community closer together and boost eyes and ears on our vision.

Our internship started on June 25th, we had over 500 applicants.

There are 6 positions open for this summer.

The main focus for this year’s summer internship is working on Secrets To Success, virtual summit, and come together at the end of the month to provide value and workflow to our interns with potential job opportunities at the end of the internship, August 3rd!

The interview process goes as follows: submit an application, send a cover letter via email and upload resume, get a call for an interview over Zoom, and hear back immediately for the position.

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