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Top Artists (March 2021): Mia Grace

You are DARK Alumni! What has changed since the last time we spoke?

Since the last time we spoke, I shot the music video for 'Stuck,' did some collaborations that I can't say yet but are coming out soon.

My newest single, coming out March 26th, is called "Wait."

It's featured in a film coming out this year staring Trae Ireland, titled "The Matchmaker."

I also have an acoustic version on the way.

Music is being released all year I'm super excited.

It truly is difficult times right now for everyone. What keeps you persistent in pursuing your passions and aspirations during such hardships?

I think the pandemic itself has been hard but that's what pushed me to excel in my life and career.

I'm one of those people who hate days off so being home all the time was weird for me so I threw myself into my music and work.

The results have been greater than I could've imagined and my plans for this year are locked in and coming to fruition.

When can we expect some new music from you!?

March 26th!

You can also expect to see the Stuck music video, a performance video, the music video for 'Wait,' and a performance video for that too.

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