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Larry “DJ Larry Luv” Worsley has been entertaining crowds as a Disc Jockey since 2004.

He is Protege of the late, great Big Kap (started with Funk Flex) and DJ Kool-Aid (Magic City's DJ).

Originally hailing from Orangeburg, South Carolina, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia in the 9th grade.

An Atlanta promoter invited him to start DJ'ing after buying one of his mixtapes at a local flea market.

Larry Luv took his talents to Albany University as a DJ and Co-founded the promotion group FLYY GUY Entertainment.

He also served as the Event DJ for Power 105.5FM., setting standards for Nightlife in Southwest Georgia.

After college, Larry Luv continued to make headway as Celebrity Tour DJ for Hurricane Chris, Katt Williams, and some more Comedy Shows.

Larry Luv also was the House DJ for venues like Taboo Tuesdays, Tease Gentleman's Club, Scales 925, Whiskey Peach, and more.

Finding his voice on camera, Larry Luv began hosting for The Internet Radio Experience in conjunction with Highly Unique Radio and Live Hip Hop Daily.

Larry Luv gives a platform for major and independent artists, often including their music in his live DJ mixes.

DJ Larry Luv! Tell us a little more about how you got into music

After making the transition from South Carolina to Atlanta in 2003, I diminished my basketball dreams for turntables around the early age of 16 when I started rocking local nightclubs in Atlanta.

I also started from selling compilation CDs of various new music in Atlanta at the time.

We talking Highschool days like 2005-2006!

Then, I got an opportunity to do a teen club and that was really my start to greatness!

What does your creative process look like when it comes to making music?

I am not a song maker.

I'm a DJ.

I'm The Mood Creator.

My Creative Process is more natural.

Depending on the Crowd of music enthusiasts,; versatility matters.

Some Disc Jockeys practice on hours in their privacy on their sets in the club .

That's never been my thing, I curate my playlists off the mood walking into an establishment.

You have to see your crowd, feel it.

That's always been my trick.

What would you say to any aspiring DJs who look up to your success?

Any Aspiring DJs who look up to me needs to know this wasn't overnight success.

No Struggle No Progress!

Always remember you have to start somewhere.