Top Producers (March 2021): Claudy Beats

Tell us a little more about how you first got into music!

I got into music by teaching myself music production from Youtube videos and some online classes.

I had passion for music and I always wanted to produce beats, I worked with so many great names in Hip Hop like Azazus, Shesovegan, Iamaishabetch, Bobcaillouxmusic....and many more.

You truly are a jack of all trades; Tell us some more about when you first decided to become an entrepreneur!

It all started in 2018, while scrolling through Youtube and I came across a motivational video by Dani Johnson, and while reading the video's description I saw that she had a FREE copy of her book Titled "First Steps To Wealth."

That book changed my life!

Her story inspired me and gave me the drive to work my ass off

I built multiple businesses online after having read her book, I failed several times and even felt like giving up.

But, there was always that little voice within telling me 'Claudy keep going, the best is yet to come.'