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Top Producers (March 2021): Claudy Beats

Tell us a little more about how you first got into music!

I got into music by teaching myself music production from Youtube videos and some online classes.

I had passion for music and I always wanted to produce beats, I worked with so many great names in Hip Hop like Azazus, Shesovegan, Iamaishabetch, Bobcaillouxmusic....and many more.

You truly are a jack of all trades; Tell us some more about when you first decided to become an entrepreneur!

It all started in 2018, while scrolling through Youtube and I came across a motivational video by Dani Johnson, and while reading the video's description I saw that she had a FREE copy of her book Titled "First Steps To Wealth."

That book changed my life!

Her story inspired me and gave me the drive to work my ass off

I built multiple businesses online after having read her book, I failed several times and even felt like giving up.

But, there was always that little voice within telling me 'Claudy keep going, the best is yet to come.'

Then, I did listen to my own voice instead of that of others.

What would you say to any aspiring producers/entrepreneurs who look up to your work?

I want to say to everyone reading this now that, only you know what is best for you, your girlfriend, boyfriend, family or parents can't decide that for you.

It's your responsibility to take a leap of faith and jump in the pond.

You have to expect that, people will talk and criticize you, because they won't understand you.

But, be focused and know why you are doing what you are doing, have a purpose in life and listen to your own voice instead of other people's negative opinions of you.

Create your own lane.

And whatever it is that you have passion for just do that and find a way to create a product from it then finally go out there promote the hell out of yourself.

It could CHANGE your life.

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?

I have a new song called "Whiplash" dropping this March 19 with Azazus and I have so many songs that will be releasing soon too.

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1 Comment

I really enjoyed reading this article and gaining insight into Claudy’s RX for success. To summarize, Focus, listen to your own voice, not others, have a purpose in life. In doing so, We can create our own lane. Love it! ⭐️ 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 Maria Smith (aka Businessgirl777) Crescendo Vibe Label

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