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This is Viizion.

Viizion, what does your new single "Elevate" mean to you?

It means a lot.

This song to me is a personal track that explores me trying to fit in with a crowd I never engaged with before.

I always felt different, you know, like growing up in Inglewood for a long time from elementary through high school, I was the only Burmese kid.

Being of Asian descent in a predominantly black and Hispanic community.

I always felt like an outcast.

People used to clown me and call me different names relating to my ethnic background.

So, in order to fit in I would try to act like someone I wasn’t just to feel accepted.

I moved to Torrance when I was 16 and was introduced to a more diverse crowd at school.

I was happy at first but I found myself in the same debacle.

Trying too hard to be someone I wasn’t in order to fit in with a certain crowd.

“Elevate” pretty much explores that story.

What are some of your favorite bars in "Elevate"?

No doubt I’m Inglewood native but chilling with Josh and them got my identity tainted” 

I was acting like someone I wasn’t to appeal to my peers in Torrance and I felt the Inglewood side of me was being tainted.

Even though I was trying to act like someone I wasn’t, when I was in Inglewood to appeal to my Inglewood homies.

I just love that line because there’s a sense of conflict on my true identity as a person and artist. 

When are we going to get another single from Viizion?

Most likely near summer.

I have something cooked up for sure!

I also have a music video in the works for “Elevate” that should be coming soon so stay tune!

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