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Visionz2turnt: Divorced, Single Father of 5 Living His Dreams Through Music


Visionz2turnt, Javon Everett, is a versatile rapper from Washington, D.C.

Since age 11, Everett has never stopped making music.

Everett has been able to connect with his fans beyond the surface level.

For his fans, Everett's lyrics have received most of the attention. The music he has produced has touched many lives from across the globe, which is in the millions. 

His most recent song, “Sedulous,” which means cannot be beaten easily, has just been released.

Because he is in love with the music he continues to strive to be better than the next and deliver nothing but the truth in his lyrics.

Born in 1989, he was very interested from his childhood to write music.

He pursued the rapping music with some of the rappers who were famous in the market. 

By this time he was improving the lyrics he wrote.

The songs he writes are mostly related to the struggles he had in his life or seen family and friends go through.

Visionz2turnt tries to improve the lives of the people through his music.

If you listen to his music, then you will find that his music is the mixture of rap, trap, hip hop and many more.

The music he is producing is not only good in terms of the sound, but he is also lyrical and that is why he is very becoming increasingly popular on a daily basis.

There were many people who have been beside him to help him out to reach the top but mostly the efforts have been from him and rapper Bigmoshawty.

Many people don't know that he was is actually the child of a single mother of 5.

North Carolina has been the place that has made him into this a unique rapper.

His purpose of music has always been to relate to the fans and make their life happy irrespective of the age and gender they have.

Because of the honest lyrics in his music, people are more inclined in the content than the music he produces. 

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