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When The Aux Is Passed, Play 'pre kai ro'

Updated: Jun 14, 2021


For so many of us, there is no better feeling than discovering an artist that you know is about to blow up.

It's like a ticking time bomb...

That initial dedicated and loyal fan base who are all looking at each other like:

Discovering an artist who is on the verge of disrupting the music industry is dope.

The fans are dope.

The love spread by the people who just wanna see their favorite artist explode is dope.

From the beginning, these types of fanbases have helped filter the good artists from the great artists.

I'm talking about the 'pass me the aux' type artists:

The type of artist that you show your friends to...

...then 2 months later they be like:


Listen to Pre kai ro.

Guaranteed you'll become obsessed, show your friends, and then they'll take all the credit:

Oh, and the homie is the nicest guy ever.

Peep our interview:

Pre Kai Ro, tell us a little more about how you first got into music?

I had a very international childhood.

Born in Oman to Egyptian parents, I grew up across Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Being an only child, music kept me company - I was pretty much raised on Rock and Hip hop with Egyptian music constantly playing in my household.

The musical influences were overwhelming and really shaped who I am today - I realized nice and early that music was my calling.

I recorded acoustic covers in my bedroom until I got to university in the UK where I would go on to record and drop my first songs on SoundCloud under the moniker ‘pre kai ro’ and the rest is history.

We all decided the best word to describe your sound was: transcendent. What does your creative process look like when it comes to emulating your sound or making music?

I think transcendent is a great word to describe my music and I attribute that to the many musical influences I had growing up.

I like to think my music is a reflection of my upbringing which transcended culture, language and location.

The creative process for the past couple years has been very straightforward.

I have two main producers - Olsem & Don Fuego.

They both do incredible work and I wouldn’t be where I am today without their creativity.

They would pull up beats and I seem to always have a melody/lyric idea.

It’s usually just a matter of instinct when it's time to create.

The first instinct tends to be the best so we make sure to capture that first moment of inspiration.

What would you say to any aspiring artists who look up to your work?

There are no rules.

Despite everything you’re told, despite everybody trying to tell you that there’s a certain way things “should be done” and despite everything that’s been done before you - there are no rules.

Your art is a reflection of yourself and you have never happened before, therefore your art shouldn’t have happened before either.

Don’t ever let anybody tell you how to be yourself.

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?

I have a string of single’s I’ll be dropping starting in the summertime but for now I’ve (finally) released 3 of my biggest tracks to date on all platforms - Cold, 1 and Garden.

Its the most constant DM I get every single day so I had to find a way to make that happen.

What is the most useless talent you have?

I eat spicy food like a champ bro (Hot Ones hmu lol)

What’s one of your biggest pet peeves?

All types of linguistic errors really fuck me up - grammar/punctuation/spelling etc.

If you could have any superpower what would it be?

All of Thor’s shit.

I’ll take all of that.

My bad if that’s cheating.

Favorite Egyptian dish? (Your Egyptian fans from all over the world need to know!)

Egyptian duck dishes go crazy in my opinion!

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