Behind The Lens: Creator Justin Lawson

Updated: Apr 5


Considering how popular photography is right now (especially with Instagram) I think we need to take a moment to highlight true photographers and filmmakers behind the lens.

I think people really don't understand the amazing and relentless work involved when it comes to any sort of production, video editing, photo editing, etc.

Some of the softwares and equipment photographers and videographers use are insanely complicated.

You gotta be so patient and committed...

You know that feeling when you're trying to figure out how to add stupid page numbers to your stupid essay assignment thats due at stupid midnight?

It's not like you've never added page numbers to your essays before, you've always done it, but for some reason you can't find the damn button and you wanna scream.

I mean, sure just like with everything else online today, you'll probably be able to figure out new editing softwares or programs pretty smoothly, but you're taking about days, weeks, and months of commitment.

And every now and then you'll come across a "Best Cameras" list online and think to yourself, "Man, I'd like to get into photography or videography" until you see how much a Sony will run ya.