Meet 17-Year Old Filmmaker Jake Bisnett

Tell us a little more about when you first got into filmmaking?

I fell in love with filmmaking in fifth grade when I started making LEGO Stop Motions with a digital camera for YouTube.

I soon transitioned into making improvised skits with my friends, and as I became more and more interested in the craft, I realized it was my passion. I haven't looked back since.

This past year, I created my own film company; TFD Studios, hired people, made shirts, and bought good equipment.

Every step of the way has been so rewarding and exciting.

You've done some amazing work! What's the backstory behind directing your upcoming film 'Never Perfect'?


Last summer, I directed a film titled Concrete Jungle, about three teenagers running from the cops in a city-wide chase.

Never Perfect is my second film, and it's a story about the clashing of two relationships at the end of high school where things really start to spiral out of control.

I recruited my close friend Gianni Rinaudo as the cinematographer, and my incredibly talented and creative friends as the leads.

We've had the opportunity to shoot at some awesome locations in Rochester, New York, specifically Record Archive and Olympia Restaurant.

On top of that, we've worked with some DOPE bands like Weeknites, Pinewood Derby, and the talents of Carl Pedida and Liam Worden.