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Tell us a little more about when you decided to become an entrepreneur?

I noticed I wanted to be an entrepreneur because I realized how badly normal workers were treated.

I witnessed it firsthand when I worked as an indoor amusement park worker at 16 years old.

Honestly, it was disgusting how people are treated in these industries so after that I realized that I would only be my own boss.

I did a lot of social media marketing on my own already but never really thought it could be a job, especially when I was younger, it wasn’t common.

Now, a lot of individuals make businesses online, but growing up it was unheard of.

I decided to focus my time on creating an agency, Clonefluence, dedicated to growing your online presence for musicians, businesses, and more while going to college full-time.

I always wanted to make the best out of the situation so having a backup plan was a must.

Clonefluence has been a huge success for everyone involved and even recently became a member of the Forbes Council.

You truly are a jack of all trades! How did you make the transition from photographer into Instagram Influencer?

Alongside growing on Instagram through photography at a young age, I found out how fast you could grow by posting funny content on Twitter as well.

I was growing tremendously on Instagram and Twitter by the day so transitioning to business with a large audience already was rather easy.

Photography is still a passion of mine and always will be, my camera sits next to me at my desk all day long.

It’s the mere fact of when I get to use it because of time constraints now.

The new phone cameras that have been evolving make it a lot easier to be a very good influencer instead of having to whip out a DSLR all the time.

What would you say to any aspiring entrepreneurs who look up to your work?

I believe all entrepreneurs should know a few things such as everything comes with time; if you’re having a bad day, don’t be so hard on yourself because everyone has bad days, enjoy your life, and everything you do in your life will shape what type of position you’ll be when you’re older.

For example, I was teaching myself coding when I was 11 years old as a hobby and never knew it would help me now that I’m 22.

I thank my younger self every day for being such a nerd because I saved myself a lot of time and beat out all of my competitors by having skills no one else has.

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?

Most recently, my team and I just launched Cloned gg, a stream team, and agency dedicated purely to gamers, content creators, and YouTubers.

It teaches gamers how to network, properly stream, set up their stream, interact with their chats, and even provide them with our provide Discord server which has amassed over 1,200 members in less than 2 months.

More importantly, this is a non-profit organization by our parent company, Clonefluence.

We eventually want to reach levels like FaZe, but there is a lot of work to be done especially since this is our most recent project and we begin to keep focusing on that for a while.

We’re hopefully looking for the Forbes 30 under 30 spot in the future as well.

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