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Ashton, could you tell us a little more about how your company got started? 

I began way back in 2010 as a solo makeup artist.

I was obsessed with the art of contour and the ever growing change and development in the industry.

I teamed up with a friend who offered hair and we soon had a large clientele in both hair and makeup, especially in the wedding sector.

We set up shop in a small room in a gym, while I also rented the front space of a shop in another area. 

A year or so later, I came across literally a shell of a shop in a very affluent area.

It was a good price rent for the location, so I went ahead with the help of my family.

Business was admittedly slow...I had made a few life choices which weren’t benefiting me either and it took a toll on my whole mental health and business and it showed.

A year down the line, pretty disheartened, came across the aesthetic training deal of my life!

I had been in the beauty industry for some time, with so many qualifications in all kinds of face and body treatments and I had always wanted to upgrade to the aesthetic world.

Finally, I had the opportunity.

I booked that course there and then- literally the moment I saw it.

It didn’t matter to me that it was the opposite end of the country, I WAS GOING!

And the rest has been history.

It truly changed my entire life and mind set.

I have a lot of thanks and gratitude for my original tutor and all the others along the way. 

I have since developed into the medical side and LOVE IT!! 

You are a medical student & full time entrepreneur; how do you handle all of those responsibilities?

I honestly have no idea how I handle everything that I do.

The corona lock down definitely gave me the chance to get a LOT of studying completed for the medical units I was/am still currently studying.

I have a very strong team behind me, we work extremely well together.

I never turn down an opportunity as I know somehow I will make it work.

It is all in the mindset.

If something falls at your feet, you are crazy not to take the chance/risk. 

Just roll with it, somehow you will make it work.

The main thing that gets me personally through however, is my constant passion and relentlessness for self development in the industry. 

What would you say to aspiring entrepreneurs & fans who look up to your work?

Do you!

Do what you want to do.

Strive for success and take risks!

Manifest your dreams.

I’m a massive believer in what you put into the universe is what you will get back, it’s working for me.

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you? 

We are developing so much further in the industry.

I'm taking my aesthetics staff down a more medical background so that they all have a certain level of extended medical knowledge.

We are already working behind the scenes on our medical courses that will be available to train in, if the aesthetics industry is to ever change.

Plus, it gives me the most empowering feeling to know that those of us that were ‘just beauticians’ to begin with are progressing so rapidly and proud to be going into the medical industry.

Beauticians are frowned upon in the medical world.

Now look at us, taking it to a whole new level of serious determination in progression and client welfare!

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