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This is Brianne.

Brianne, tell us some more about how you first started Stroller In The City.

I initially started Stroller In The City (SITC) for friends and family about a year after leaving the fashion industry and selling my showroom. 

I just had my first child, my son Ryder, and SITC was a fun way of documenting my new role in motherhood.

With time, it evolved to what it is today.

I now have three children and now 11 years later, Stroller In The City is all about our family adventures, our favorite fashion brands, and our fun filled city life.

It's been such a privilege to be in this space as a mom and as a family. 

In the early days, what was the most difficult aspect about launching a startup company?

Well, in the early days I wasn't intending on being a professional blogger.

It truly was a way to share my children's milestones with my family.

So, when I was being approached by brands to collaborate and ultimately growing my own brand there was a learning curve for me.

I had never done any of this before, I had to expand my knowledge about all that goes into monetizing a blog. 

Brianne, you are also a full-time mom! What would you say to aspiring entrepreneurs/moms who look up to your many accomplishments?

Just do it!

Just start.

It will evolve and grow with time and as your family grows.

Entrepreneurship can be such a rewarding experience for women and motherhood!

It's empowering and feeds your spirit so you can be proud of the work you create. 

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?

Yes, I'm getting back to my fashion roots!

At the end of this summer, I’m launching a mommy and me capsule collection called, "In The City".

I'm so excited to share the collection with my readers and all their daughters.

All the pieces are fun and whimsical and it's been such an exciting process to create. 

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