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Felicia, you are truly a jack of all trades! Tell us some more about how you decided to start living an organic & sustainable lifestyle?

Well, I was a thrift shopper growing up and around 2007 I started watching the trends of organic grocery shopping.

While the years went by, I noticed that more organic brands were being sold in every day common stores such as Wal-Mart.

During the year of 2011, I was directed to start eating a cleaner diet to help my learning disability that was undiagnosed at the time and later on as ADHD.

Around 2015, I got into modeling and started to realize the importance of organic makeup and discovered sustainable fashion designers and I wanted to go more on that direction. 

Then, I explored a few health and wellness expos and realized I saw how many brands really care about the wellness of their customers and there was not much media exposure out there to help get them exposed.

Seeing how so many different types of brands are trying to really help people and to learn the sacrifices and steps it must take to get the certifications to be USDA ORGANIC, NON GMO product certified and other various certifications.

I developed an awareness and empathy of their hard work and efforts and fell on love with the whole organic and sustainable lifestyle industry.

I saw the industry as a whole and wanted to help these good hearted designers and producers.

You are a TV/Talk Show host. How did you get involved with Organic Eleganz?

Not long into my modeling I realized I could no longer wear high heels anymore; I needed to do something that where I'm the boss of my shoes since I loved being a model.

So, I made the leap and decided to build up the platform I started, Organic Eleganz ©️, a TV show platform partly filmed at my local non-profit TV studio, BCTV, Berks County TV.

Our goal was to help people and brands become noticed on the organic and sustainable lifestyle industry back in 2017 .

I wanted people to discover their organic and sustainable lifestyle like I did and I now use the tagline, Discover Your Organic & Sustainable lifestyle ©️ .

Do you have anything new or upcoming we can expect to see from you?


I am currently making and adding new TV show episodes, mini interview videos to my YouTube channel, Organic Eleganz.

On my Instagram, @feliciaheinsohn, and @organiceleganz, I am sharing current posts of my photoshoots and nature related adventures to my IG stories.

Follow Felicia & Organic Eleganz:


Photography and hair: @cyriemelody of @cm2productions


Photography: @stylographybiz


Photography: @stylographybiz



Organic Eleganz TV show guest on YouTube, Leo Cicone of @geoenergyllc



Photography: @stylographybiz

Sustainable fashion: @minanwong

Organic Makeup: @vapourbeauty


Organic Makeup: @vapourbeauty

Mode, Hair, Organic Makeup, Sustainable Fashion: @feliciaheinsohn of @organiceleganz 


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