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This is iamdjjohnson.

How College Athlete and Entrepreneur Iamdjjohnson (David Johnson) Overcame Misfortune Through Hard Work and Faith

Ever since iamdjjohnson started playing basketball he decided that he would make a name for himself and his family. In 2005, iamdjjohnson’s father passed away; #23 was his father’s basketball jersey number and iamdjjohnson still wears that number in honor of his late father. He truly wishes his father could be here to see him play at his games and see how far he’s come in his athletic career; however he knows that his father is still with him everywhere he goes.

Iamdjjohnson’s life is one of hardship and prosperity. His mother has been a single parent ever since his father passed away. She continues to take care of his brothers and him all on her own. He is deeply motivated by his mother, Tiffany Jackson; his brothers Mo’vante Johnson, Da’monte Jackson, and his lovely girlfriend Natasha Popovich. According to him, in order to actually chase your dreams and have faith in yourself, you have to be surrounded by the right people who love and care about you.

Faith is very important to Iamdjjohnson. He firmly believes that having a strong faith is imperative to living a successful life. According to him, only God can grant you the life you seek of and one must always remember that when chasing their dreams.

He attributes many of his athletic successes to his coach Leroy Harley. He played under Coach Leroy in the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU); a traveling basketball team. According to him, Coach Leroy was able to help him further his basketball career into college.

This year, he is about to finish his education at a new aspiring university that will soon pick him up to finish off his last year as a senior (2020-2021). Today, iamdjjohnson is officially a senior and earning his Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Sports Management. On his free time, he also does a lot of networking on all social media platforms. Networking is one of his favorite things to do because meeting new people from all of the world truly inspires him to work harder.

Through hardship and adversity, iamdjjohnson has truly overcome the deep hardship of losing his idol: his father. Despite this misfortune, he has demonstrated that even through a series of unfortunate events, one can still prosper as long as they have faith, dedication, and support from the people who love you most.

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